5 Rules That Can Change Your Trading Journey

1. Trading is a game of probabilities. You can’t predict the outcome of any trade, hence, be patient with your profit and loss.

2. Don’t change the rules during the game. Follow your game plan. Please stick with your stop loss and target. Don’t panic.

3. Trading is 90 per cent a psychological game. Strategy plays only a 10 per cent part. Hence, work on improving your trading psychology. Trade with your mind not with emotions.

4. As there is a saying in the trading community, plan your trade and trade the plan. Please follow your trading plan.

5. Maintain a trading journal. Create a ledger of profit and loss in an excel sheet. Scribe your thoughts, feelings and emotions on a blank sheet of white paper. It will help you to identify repeated mistakes.

I hope these rules will help you to evolve into a better trader.

Good luck and good trading.



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