A Day In The Life Of An Artist

She wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face feeling grateful for a new day. It feels to her like a precious gift.

She starts her day with a question:

What can be created today without reducing nature’s natural beauty and glamour? 

She spends her day like a wanderer but her sharp eyes search for the ‘messages of creation’. She seems like a lonely person all alone without company but she is accompanied by the whole creation all the time. Her breath is gentle like a child and her acts are often innocent with full of surprises.

What and why she does anything is still a mystery yet to be found. Maybe she imitates the creativity of creation to express it in its best form. But all she finds out is that it’s ‘incomprehensible’. She tries to understand more and more, and each time came to end up with something more, that is ‘indescribable’.

What a grand illusion of mystery that lets a musician ‘listen to the music of spheres’ to create a symphony, a writer makes a false attempt to shrink the ‘ineffable’ to words, a painter to ‘imitate’ the divine manifestation on a blank canvas without reducing its glory and a sculptor to turn an ordinary stone into a ‘live statue’ that pretends as if it will talk the next moment.

What gives an artist the power to create something ‘new’ to this world never has been before and almost impossible to imitate?

Maybe it’s their ‘lifestyle’ that is the product of their continuous unstoppable experiments to discover the hidden secrets of creation, not so secret but demand an ‘active observation’ to see the Reality as it is, not a modified version of it with the interference of chattering mind.

An artist is not someone who created a masterpiece hundreds of years ago. He was a ‘reverend-genius-artist’. An artist is someone who can see the Reality of Creation as it is. An artist is a little curious child who actively observes nature to understand what it is. An artist is an ‘experimenter’ who through trial and error ‘experiments’ unaffected by success and failure to witness the possible outcomes of ‘creative experimentation’.

There is a hidden artist in you. Give her access to yourself. Give her a little freedom to experiment with something new, to create something new, to access something beyond the five senses and the little thinking mind. It all starts with a ‘choice’. You’ve always had the ‘choice to change’ and that is the essence of Lifestyle Design. Design your life the way you want.

You have the choice to choose from a menu of options. Choose the way ‘you’ want, not the way you’re supposed to be. It’s true for a lot of Sapiens, and it’s also true for you because you’re a Creator, a participatory creator in this multiverse of universes.



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