Be Grateful For What You Have

Forgive those who hurt you intentionally or unintentionally and forget it all.

Dear, life is short. Don’t waste it on anyone who doesn’t fit in your mind frame.

Recognise your mistakes. Forgive yourself and move on.

Please don’t hate yourself. You’re unique. You’re here to fall in love with yourself and the world.

Don’t scream if you’ve weaknesses and failures. Everyone has that. No one is as smart as you think.

Don’t follow stars. You’re the only star in this universe worth following.

Don’t give attention to the voice of others. In this civilization, everyone has an agenda. You’re not here to fight. There is beauty and perfection on this planet. Spend time witnessing that.

Be grateful for what you’ve. You’re here to celebrate life. Calibrate yourself to become the best version of yourself and excellence will chase you.



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