Can I Change Myself?

Irrespective of your past, you can change your life. It’s the moment where any change is possible. Forgive yourself and forget the past. Let go of all the attitudes and beliefs that stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

I know that there is guilt and shame in you. You’re afraid of self-expression. You feel helpless and hopeless, but it’s the best time to stand up and take the oath to change your life.

Believe yourself. You’ve got the potential to transform your life. There is no need for self-help books or webinars. You don’t need to kill your eyes by watching motivational videos. All you need is a commitment to focus on your dreams and goals.

Imagine yourself as an infant who is pure and perfect. Now, what do you want to accomplish in your life?

Think and feel like a child who is cute and innocent. She is untouched by the corruption of this world—a child who loves herself and whose smile makes everyone feel good.

Enter into a new world where everything is perfect, including you and me. We’re here, two close friends chatting over the internet for two minutes without interruption. We don’t know each other; still, we’re close to the heart of each other.

We’re from different worlds but understand the language of each other. It’s of love and gratitude. Beautiful birds and flowers are around us: the River, the Oyamel Fir Trees, and the Butterfly.

Now ask me what problem you’re facing right now here at this moment. No one abuse, criticize or insult you for anything. You don’t need to feel sorry for anything because I’ve forgiven you for all of your mistakes. I’ve no resentment towards you.

You’re still the same curious child for me, a little arrogant but cute and innocent. Now let go of all that traumatic episodes of the past: the pain, the tears, the suffering. It’s no more. You’re with me here, safe and secure.

Tell me, what’s your problem and why do you think so?

“I used to think I knew all the answers. Then I thought I knew maybe a few of the answers. Now I’m not even sure I understand the questions. Nobody knows anything.”

– Pete Nelson, I Thought You Were Dead: A Love Story

I hope you got the answer. Now, please return to your life with a new attitude and belief. Work for your dreams and goals. No one will do that for you over the internet. We’re busy with our personal affairs.

I don’t want the following, likes, and comments from you. That can’t add or subtract anything in my life. I’ve got a little request for you that please think for yourself and waste your precious time on something that brings health, wealth, and wisdom close to you.

May the force of light be with you.



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