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    How to Get Out of the Trap of Boredom and Mediocrity?

    “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

    – Vincent van Gogh

    I’ve got a subject, and I’m supposed to write, but I don’t have the skill to write. I have the talent but not the skill.

    The genius in me knows about the subject, but my thoughts hinder achieving the goal.

    What I’m supposed to do?

    To leave the subject?


    I’m supposed to acquire the ability to distract my negative thoughts somewhere else and do the work I’m supposed to do. This is called expertise. In short, it’s a skill.

    You know how to achieve your goal irrespective of hindrances.

    What it all has to do with boredom and mediocrity?

    The person trapped in boredom and mediocrity has the talent but is unwilling to acquire the skill.

    I don’t know why s(he) is tucked, but I know how s(he) can escape the trap.

    Trust your instinct and follow your destiny. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’ll miraculously acquire the skill.

    The important thing is taking the initiative. Rest everything is an outcome of the game you’re playing.

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    How To Develop A Winning Attitude?

    “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.”

    —Ayn Rand

    You are filled with fear and doubt; if you’re skeptical about your skills and talents, how will you present your idea to someone else?

    Why will someone else from the outer environment believe in you?

    If you’re indecisive about what you’re thinking, speaking, and acting, what can you expect from others except for rejection?

    People reject you everywhere because you’ve got the mindset of failure. In your every walk and talk, there is a message you’re broadcasting to the Universe:

    “I’m a failure. Please don’t trust me.”

    The problem is not in others. It’s your fault.

    Focus on learning positive body language and be optimistic about the future. Discuss your plan with clarity. Keep it concise and precise.

    Forget the past and forgive yourself for all of your failures. You’re a different person now. Fill your nostrils with the oxygen of love and respect for others.

    Meet everyone with enthusiasm. Express yourself creatively in front of them but first, learn to listen to their fear and desires.

    Leave the dirty politics of mind and focus your attention on self-improvement. Stop gambling with life and learn from the Mother Market. Everything is on sale, but do you know what you need to purchase now?

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    How To Stop Repeating The Same Mistakes?

    “If an apology is followed by an excuse or a reason, it means they are going to commit same mistake again they just apologized for.”

    ― Amit Kalantri

    If our intention is not clear, we’ll keep on repeating the same mistakes again and over again. To avoid the trap, be clear about the error and impact it’s making in your life.

    We often keep repeating the same mistakes because we’re unable to understand the natural consequences of those mistakes. We call them silly mistakes, but they become big problems over time.

    If you catch yourself committing mistakes repeatedly, ask yourself these questions:

    What will be its impact on my life over a long period?

    How can I replace this habit with a productive one?

    Why it’s necessary to change my attitude?

    With questioning comes creative solutions. Trust yourself and commit to taking care of the mistake next time you catch yourself.

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    Why Written Words Matter More Than Dreamed Plans?

    “Have a plan. In writing.”

    ― Naved Abdali

    With writing comes the clarity of possibility and reality. We can dream about anything and keep on boasting throughout the day, but our perspective changes when we’re asked to give our consent in a written format.

    It’s more about commitment rather than just reflecting our desire on paper. We release the most profound versions of our unique truths when we write. We Explore our unconscious and find a reason behind our thought. It’s difficult to lie with our handwriting.

    You must have a game plan, and it must be in written format. Whenever you’re in a dilemma, you’ll discover the mode you used once for commitment.

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    Focus On Skill Acquisition & Practice

    “Never chase opportunities. Let it come to you by creating value and building rare skillsets.”

    ― Johannes Larsson

    Not everyone can do some skills, and if you’re skilled to create value in the life of others using your talent, you don’t need anything else.

    Focus on mastering the art and craft of your work. Do it with perfection and let others come to you for your opinion.

    Could you not make it a charity?

    Learn to charge people for your opinion. If you have an idea, you must learn to sell it.

    The more you practice better you’ll be able to handle your work with perfection, and people will be able to derive more value from you.

    Once they start receiving a unique quality from you meeting their requirements, they’ll be more willing to pay you for your service.

    Hence, the secret to prosperity is learning a set of skills that can create value in the life of others and develop the courage to ask for monetary value in return for your service.