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    Can I Create a Premium Content Out of My Anxiety & Depression?

    “Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise…

    As creative channels, we need to trust the darkness.”

    ― Julia Cameron

    If you’re suffering from anxiety and depression, don’t lose hope. One day you’ll be able to create premium content around this experience.

    Nothing in life goes to waste if we have the talent and ability to use our experiences creatively.

    Please think about creating a medium to express your desires and worries.

    Many more people on this planet have the same problem you’re experiencing. It would be helpful if you scribe your experiences and start a blog or vlog.

    You can be a valuable asset to society.

    Today you may not have the wisdom to understand my words but my dear child, you’ll be happy that you listened to the call of your heart and pursued a lifelong journey of adventure.

    If you’re suffering from anxiety and depression, don’t lose hope. One day you’ll be able to create premium content around this experience.

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    Is There A Genius In Me?

    “Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.”

    – Rumi

    You’re unique. There is a genius in you who’s capable of performing great miracles. Can you fall in love with this genius?

    Appreciate him for little victories. Make her feel good with compliments and gifts. The more you make friends with him better she’ll produce the results for you.

    Please let me describe him if you want to know about this genius.

    She’s your inner creative artist. She has been tested on the timeline of history and found perfect. She’s sacred, and you must care about her.

    She can’t be seen, touched, smelled, or heard but can be felt.

    You can say that she’s a force of nature crafted by the atomic vibrations of this Universe to bring peace and abundance within you.

    She’s a symbol of prosperity and success. You can create unique art with her help, given you have a heart capable of attracting her wish to love you.

    Love her, and she’ll love you. Respect her, and she’ll respect you.

    Please never let her feel lonely. She’s the only soulmate you ever craved for.

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    For Whom Shall I Create My Content?

    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

    – Dr. Seuss

    If you’re confused, give priority to yourself.

    First, create the content you love by yourself.

    Second, create content for the one person you love the most.

    Everyone else will think you created it for them.

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    My No-Nonsense Approach To Producing Quality Content

    “Don’t build links. Build relationships.”

    — Rand Fishkin, Founder, SparkToro

    Neither I know my audience nor their taste. Hence my goal is to cook a hundred plus recipes every month, which I believe will tell which one they [the audience] like the most.

    My aim is not to create great content but to produce a mixture of worse, wrong, sound, and excellent. I trust my audience’s ability to extract wheat from the chaff.

    Instead of researching for the holy grail, I believe in utilizing the resources [my current understanding plus failures]. I must do my best and let the Universe give me what I deserve.

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    Which Art Form Is Best For Self-Expression?

    The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

    – Pablo Picasso

    No art form is better or worse than the other. It depends on our natural inclination to the field of interest.

    • Painting
    • Sculpture
    • Literature
    • Architecture
    • Poetry
    • Music
    • Dance

    Or anything else…

    We feel a natural push and pull. Sometimes we love the art, and other times, we think colossal fear of facing it.

    It may feel that we’re wasting our life by pursuing the art, but at the same time, we’re satisfied with what we’re doing, even if it pays little or nothing.

    It feels like our natural habitat where we fight, cry, love, and get angry with our loved ones. There is a kind of irresistible attraction to everything in that particular field.

    A mysterious journey begins when we start following our dream to become an artist in our chosen field.

    I can’t tell you what art form is best for you or how to choose it; all I know is that we never choose art; it picks us.

    Out of millions of aspiring kids who want to express their talent in one or another form, a particular art form selects the most suitable would-be future artist. It describes itself using her as a medium.

    We, artists, do nothing except accept our destiny and follow the dream that the Universe has given us. We feel contented with the content we deliver, even if there is no audience.