Financial Education

  • Financial Education

    Learn To Love Your Bills

    “Life is too short to have debts and doubts,

    Pay the bills, no regrets, be up and about.”

    ― Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

    Don’t escape reality if you believe in enjoying luxurious products and services. You’ve to pay the bills. Learn to love that thought.

    If someone is providing you with quality goods and services, you must have the courage to offer them equivalent monetary benefits.

    Don’t bargain everywhere for pennies. Be grateful that you have an abundance of wealth with that you can pay your bills; still, it is sufficient to spend.

    Please don’t think about cutting your bills or cheating. Instead, enthusiastically pay your bills and be thankful for the product and service you enjoyed.

    Always have a cheerful mindset when it comes to paying the bills. It shows that you deserve luxury and your potential to afford that product or service.

  • Financial Education

    What Is Financial Intelligence & How To Develop It Within You?

    If you must work for money, find a way to work and be happy. That is financial intelligence.

    – Robert Kiyosaki

    If you’re working for money and unhappy with your work, you’re wasting your work life. You have skill and talent that pays your bills, but you’ve not discovered how to earn money doing the work you love.

    There are more ways to earn money than you can think of. Money is a form of energy that gets transferred to us when we’re in resonance with work that has the potential to produce income.

    We can serve someone by producing quality work that makes a difference in their lives. We can bring a smile to the faces of others or help them ease their lifestyle with increased productivity. We can discover a business that pays us well.

    We may be in a job or business, but we must have the intelligence to choose our freedom. We’re outdated if we can’t make ourselves free from the bondage of work.

    Financial freedom is the direct result of our financial intelligence. It’s the ability to realize how much money we need in reality to free our souls from the bondage of work.

    One day we wake up in the morning, and we don’t need to think about money; that day is the byproduct of financial intelligence because we’ve attained financial freedom.

  • Financial Education

    Manage Your Finances

    “Like all learning, financial education is a process that should begin at an early age and continue throughout life. This cumulative process builds the skills necessary for making critical financial decisions that affect one’s ability to attain the assets, such as education, property, and savings, that improve economic well-being.”

    – Alan Greenspan, Economist and Former Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States

    We often make a few foolish financial decisions that cost us the shame and guilt of a lifetime. Because of lack of knowledge or over-enthusiasm, we don’t care about how much money we’re spending to buy a share or commodity. We irrationally conclude that it’s a good deal without adequately investigating the details.

    In the 21st century, we’re worse than illiterates if we don’t have financial literacy. What’s the use of one’s education if she can’t manage her finances?

    If your spending habits are incorrect, you’ll always live in poverty irrespective of your income level. The finance-related problems are like sexual problems; the more we hide or ignore them, the more severe they become. It’s better to resolve these problems right at the beginning.

    Please don’t say that I can’t manage my finances. I’m not good at handling money. Rectify this self-created dis-ease from your system.

    You’re working hard to earn, and if a few crooks come and take away your money by fooling you, no one is to blame except you. Invest your time learning the money-making machines and show they snatch away the cash you’ve.

    Only through proper education you’ll be able to resolve this serious problem. Don’t call yourself literate unless you learn how to manage your finances well.

    Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t think that children must be educated about finances, and the parents believe that it’s not essential to teach them anything about handling money early. Because of this failure to inform the students in schools and colleges, well-versed financial experts exploit them throughout their life.

    If you’re one of those students who never heard about financial classes, please be aware of the web designed to loot your money. Almost every next person whom you meet is behind your cash in one way or another. Remember, financial education is a study more important than your work expertise because if you don’t know how to manage your finances well, some crook will often leave you with financial pain, and you’ll feel robbed.

    It hurts, my dear. Many of you’ve had this pain. I can feel it, but the only solution is financial education.