Sex Education

  • Sex Education

    Stop Wasting Time On Porn & Masturbation?

    “You cannot blame porn. When I was young, I used to masturbate to Gilligan’s Island.”

    ― Ron Jeremy

    It’s okay if you’re occasionally enjoying and learning new ways to love yourself, but if you’re wasting time on these addictions, stop and start doing self-revision. There is something wrong in your mental code that needs a quick fix.

    Excess to everything is hazardous to health. In the long run, it will cost you physical, emotional, and financial illness.

    Avoid anything that doesn’t add something valuable to your life. I don’t think there is any value in porn content and masturbation unless you’re associated with those industries doing business with these keywords.

    Why waste time on something hazardous if we have so many intelligent and creative ways to seek pleasure and enjoy life?

    Don’t waste your sexual energy on unnecessary stuff. Think about enjoying something more creative.

    Join a martial art club or yoga studio, draw, paint or write, and don’t forget to date real people of the opposite sex. I hope you got the summary of the story.

  • Sex Education

    How To Stop Getting Addicted To Sex Or Masturbation?

    “Today, I will masturbate!

    Okay, that was a mistake. I should have written, “Today I will masturbate–if I want to!”

    ― Al Franken

    I’m going to present ideas for or against nothing. This article introduces you to something more creative than sex or masturbation.

    Nothing is good or bad; our perception creates a difference in our point of view. I don’t care what you do and how much you do. My question is, why do you do what you do?

    If you’re doing it unconsciously, that’s a problem; if you’re doing it consciously without choice, it’s a more significant problem. You’ve not discovered the ways to channel your sexual energies to some form of creative work.

    If you want to run behind pleasures, the cheapest way is sex and masturbation. Invariably, one of two is accessible to you all the time. But if you want to live a life of prosperity and success, you’ve to do something that pays you well.

    Creative work is the solution to the addiction to sex or masturbation. When we engage in some form of creativity, we’ve less time to explore ways that waste our precious time and energy.

    Life is short. We’ve little time to complete the work of our life. Indeed it’s not sex or masturbation; we’re here to live creatively, not to produce a porn movie or erotic fiction.

    Why not try more ways to have fun?

    What about running or swimming?

    Why not sing or dance?

    Can’t you practice yoga or martial arts?

    Don’t you like writing, drawing or painting?

    Why engage in only one kind of action when there are many more creative ways to explore and have fun?