• Forgiveness

    How to Accept your Mistake?

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    – Maya Angelou

    In the timeline of your life, you’ll meet hundreds and thousands of people on this planet. The quality of your interaction with them will decide the quality of your life.

    If you accept your mistake before the next person starts punishing you for your behavior and learn how to forgive others for their mistakes, you’ll rule the heart of people and create a beautiful life.

    Everyone loves an empathetic ear and a melodious tongue.
    Listen to their grievances and respond to them with high-quality words.
    You'll often make a mistake but be willing to accept it and ask for forgiveness. 

    Here acceptance and asking for forgiveness is not a weakness. It’s an act of courage. A weak soul can’t do that.

  • Forgiveness

    Can I Forgive Myself For The Past Mistakes?

    “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

    – Theodore Roosevelt

    After committing a mistake, you’re left with two choices:

    1. Regret
    2. Response

    Regret means you’re accepting your mistake and willing not to repeat it in the future.

    Response means you’ve learned the lesson and are ready to move on.

    Apart from these two, try to do anything, and you’ll move in a never-ending loop.

  • Forgiveness

    Forgive Yourself For The Mistakes That You Made In The Past

    Without forgiveness life is governed by… an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.

    — Roberto Assagioli

    Cry, scream, hit the pillow. Release the tension within you in any form you wish, but please forgive yourself after that.

    Resentment is one of the most negatively charged emotions that burn us alive. With bitterness comes the need to take revenge, and we destroy ourselves in seeking revenge.

    Forgive yourself, for the past, can’t be changed. No power can do that. Accept the truth.

    Now is the moment any change is possible. If you want revenge for committing past mistakes, learn from them and use that experience to construct something creative.

    Develop a system that can help save others from committing the same mistakes responsible for your deterioration.

    In this way, you can easily forget the things that caused you lifelong injury.

  • Forgiveness

    How To Forgive Yourself For Ruining Your Career?

    “We learn faster when we like what we do.”

    ― Bert McCoy

    If you could’ve enjoyed it well, you wouldn’t have left it. So, there is no point in regret. Congratulations on having the courage to let go of the traditional career path and starting your venture.

    It could’ve been the safest way to continue your job and earn a decent income, but it would’ve limited your time and freedom. Now you can fly like a free bird in the sky doing whatever you love to do.

    Many times in moments of stress and anxiety, you may feel regret about making a wrong move, but that doesn’t create a change in your circumstances.

    You’ve got a free life and ample time to pursue your dreams. You’re young and creative. There are always enough possibilities available in the market. Instead of regretting what is not yours, focus your attention on grabbing new opportunities.

    Life is short, and we’ve little time to waste on regret and remorse. Move on and start writing your destiny with your own little hands. They’ve got the miraculous power to heal others, including yourself. Don’t miss the chance.

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    How To Forgive Yourself For Past & Work For Future

    You cannot travel back in time to fix your mistakes, but you can learn from them and forgive yourself for not knowing better.

    — Leon Brown

    We all have made many mistakes, and some may seem unforgivable, but be willing to forgive yourself. You did your best according to your knowledge, awareness, and understanding. If you had known better, you would’ve done better in the past.

    There is no way to travel back in time and fix your mistakes. All you can do is accept your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

    You can use your past experiences (both good and bad) to create beautiful art of life; instead of reverting to the past, think about moving forward in the future.

    You’re young and creative. There are more possibilities in this World than you can think of. Change your way of thinking, and the whole Universe will change for you.

    The power is here now, at this moment, where you can create the future. Improve yourself, stay tuned with the present moment, and work for the future.

    The Genius in you knows your destiny. Forgive, forget and move forward. That’s the way of life.