• Happiness

    A Slice Of Happiness

    “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.”

    —Thich Nhat Hanh

    We spend much of our time seeking happiness. We wait eagerly for festivals and that particular day to enjoy – anniversaries and birthdays.

    We plan holidays to make us feel good, but where is happiness?

    The problem is that we search for happiness somewhere in the future that doesn’t exist yet and has only a possibility to come.

    We forget that happiness is here now in this moment. In little actions of life, we do with awareness—sharing chocolate or ice cream with our best friend, helping someone move one step further, or showing a little kindness to improve the quality of life of someone unknown- the child fighting poverty.

    When we share the wealth that we earned, we feel happy, and when we teach the wisdom that we learned, we feel delighted.

    I’m sharing something that I love to share with you, and I’m happy.

    Every moment of life gives us opportunities to correct our mistakes by taking action that brings us closer to our dreams and goals. When we move towards those dreams and goals, we feel happy.

    Happiness is not something you can purchase with money, or someone can gift you. It’s within you. Here at this moment, if you remove the mask of fear, you can feel that.

  • Happiness

    The Gamble Of Life

    One or another way, we are gamblers. Someone is betting on health, another on wealth and rest on wisdom.

    We are chasing a mirage of perfection that exists nowhere.

    You must be thinking what I wish to say…

    Sorry. I’ve no wish except to see you happy.

    My bet is on creating a system through which I can add a little happiness in your life.

    That’s all I want.

    I don’t expect anything from you. No like, no comment, no sharing…

    They are secondary.

    The primary aim of my life is to ensure that there left no stone unturned to gift you the stock of happiness that I have.

    I may not be successful in terms of social systems but I’m peaceful and happy. I love what I do all day long.

    I wake up at 3:45 a.m. in the morning and till I take bed…

    I’m enthusiastic and full of joy.

    Sometimes, I feel sad to see you unhappy. But I can’t do anything else except to send you a message of hope.

    I’m a gambler and I bet on life. I steal little moments of happiness from the anxiety and boredom of life.

    I’m an artist and I want to share my art with you…

    I’m a lover. I want to quit the path of abuse and destruction…

    I’m an escapist. I escape from the realities of life to chase a mirage that doesn’t exist…

    I’m like you…

    Full of beatitude and creativity with no gratitude.

    I’ve everything that I need but I’m running behind something that doesn’t exist…


  • Happiness

    A Contract Worth Signing

    Happiness Is A Contract  You Make With Yourself

    In The Present

    To Be Present

    By Being Present

    Right Now Here At This Moment

    Not In The Past.


    Not In The Future.


    Just Being As It Is  Right Now Here In The Moment

     Acting Spontaneously…

     Without Any Preconceived Notion, Judgement, Dogma, 

    Prejudice or Predicament

     Free From Right and Wrong 

    Good and Evil 

    Divine and Devil 

    Just Witnessing The Moment As It Is 

    Without Disturbing Anyone, or Anything No Matter What It Is


    Then Something Happens, Spontaneously…

    A Higher Intelligence Has Found A Way

    To Express Itself Through You

    Now You Are a Medium of Divine Expression

    Now, the Work is not a Task That You’ve to Complete

    But Now, It’s an Affair, a Love-affair, You Can’t Resist Anymore. 

    You’ve to do it, not for anyone else, not to impress others,

     but for yourself and You enjoy it.

     You Love It

    Even the pain involved in it
    There is a pain but now there is no suffering
    Now you don’t have to think and talk

    There is only one thing and that is


     Storming Action 
    That Is

     For others, It’s like a Miracle.

     But for You
     It’s An Everyday Affair.
    Now, you don’t have to chase happiness. 

    Happiness Chases You Wherever You Go And Whatever You Do.

    Now There Is No Separation 


    You And Happiness


    You Are Happiness.