Unconditional Love

  • Unconditional Love

    That’s Not Love

    And still, after all this time, The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with A love like that, It lights the Whole Sky. – Hafiz Love doesn’t demand anything in return. It’s selfless giving without expectation. If there is a demand from the beloved and you’re supplying that, it means it’s not love but trading. I’m in a relationship and using someone to fulfill my desires; it’s not love but selfishness. If you’re saying that you love me and you’re exploiting me for your benefit… Isn’t that a burglary? Love is simple. To love someone is falling in love with yourself. Treat her as…

  • Unconditional Love

    Fear Of Rejection

    “It seems right now that all I’ve ever done in my life is making my way here to you.” – Graeme Simison  We have a deep fear of rejection. It hurts our ego to be rejected by the opposite sex. Because of this fear, we don’t show the other person our real feelings and emotions. We show-off. This person doesn’t matter to me, but we crave to talk to her in reality. We want to share our thoughts with her. It feels good to be in contact with that particular person. My advice to everyone is that if you like a person Don’t confuse yourself Tell her about your thoughts…