Unconditional Love

True Love Is Patience Without Expectation

This article aims to inspire a deeper, more introspective approach to love, highlighting the importance of patience and acceptance in building lasting relationships.

The Ideal Couple

Millions have Searched and Found It…

In The Form of Pure Love – Unconditional, Ineffable, and Ethereal.

Thank You My Friend

Every time I met you, you always inspired me to move one inch forward toward my destiny. At every talk, I found an honest friend and lover in you. Thank you, my friend.

Why Do You Hate Him?

When we remember this eternal truth, there is nothing to feel jealous about or hate someone for anything anywhere in this World.

That’s Not Love

And still, after all this time, The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with A love like that, It lights the Whole Sky. – Hafiz Love doesn’t demand anything in return. It’s selfless giving without expectation. If there is a demand from the beloved and you’re supplying that, it …

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The Love Story

Every love story has the same ending… Sacrifice. That’s what makes it special… In a story, if there is no element of sacrifice, it’s not a love story at all. Neither the romance, nor the happy climax makes it special. Sacrifice. That’s the original climax of each and every love story. It’s easy to fight …

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Life of a Lover

The most loving word in the vocabulary is ‘Love’ itself. It creates, it organizes, and it reflects.

Entering the Dimension of Love

A goal can attract you, an event can motivate you, a person can inspire you, and a realization can transform you, but Love has the potential to transmute you ultimately.

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