• Poetry

    The War Of The Words

    One Day I Heard Something From Someone, Somewhere... There Is A War Going On In The World Maybe Aliens Have Attacked The Planet Earth I Called The Leader Of Aliens And Asked... Baby. What You Want? She Said... Sorry Sir. For Wasting Your Precious Time I'm Just Following The Orders. One Night I Heard Someone Crying Somewhere I Asked... Baby. What Had Happened To You? She Said... Aliens Have Attacked My House They Looted Everything Except My Spirit I Called The Chieftain Of Aliens And Asked... Dear. Why You Robbed Her Beautiful Home? He Said... Sorry Sir. For Wasting Your Precious Time I'm Just Following The Orders. Then I Launched A Secret…

  • Poetry

    Dreams And Goals

    What kind of life you’re living? Realize the potential within you Ye beloved son of God You’re not here to sleep all day long. Look within yourself With guilt and shame carrying on your shoulders Destroying the beauty of your body and mind Are you satisfied with your performance? Listen the call of your heart Tell me the reason of your failure Isn’t it true my angel of life That you’re the cause of your destruction? For little pleasures and instant gratification You sacrificed your future What about your dreams and aspirations? You could’ve written a story How’ll you live the rest of your life? With fear and anxiety Mediocrity…

  • Poetry

    Love At First Sight

    It was love at first sightOur eyes met and we both smiled Before the thought cameWe were mad for each otherThere was silenceWe looked at each otherIn a moment we realizedWe are made for each otherThe movie was yet to be startedI hold her handShe was not shockedI was her only affair with lifeThe next step was a sweet kissWe were passionate And the moon was romanticThere was no one to stop usWe were shopping Thinking about the sexWe both were virginBut there was no fearWe became intimateWithout any precautionThe result was a cute babyIn a year we became parentsThe movie was yet to be startedShe holds my handI was…