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    But What About My Poor Finances?

    “When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”

    ― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

    The cause of your poor finances is your bad habits.

    • You earn less and spend more.
    • You buy liabilities in life.
    • You don’t invest your money in assets.
    • You’re greedy and always afraid to lose money.

    Create rich habits, and you’ll discover sound finances.

    Your poor finances are the reflection of your current wealth consciousness. How can you think about abundance and prosperity if your mind believes in scarcity and poverty?

    Money is a medium through which we express our thoughts and feelings about the world uniquely and creatively.

    If your thoughts and feelings are aligned to repel abundance and prosperity, you’ll struggle with finances irrespective of the effort you put into your work.

    If you’re uncomfortable with Matters of Money, you first need to learn how to understand the subject in detail.

  • Wealth Creation

    How to Monetize your Website?

    “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

    ― Frank Zappa

    Be willing to change. Come online and create with us the most incredible things.

    The Internet is full of resources that you can use to create anything you want.

    Not just open your laptop but also your mind. There are many more opportunities than you can conceive of.

    If you’re good at writing and have learned a little about web designing, you can create a stunning website with a personal note to welcome visitors.

    You can write a blog and monetize it by creating paid subscriptions. 
    You can start selling products or offering a paid service to your customers. 
    You can create and share premium content with paying subscribers through email.
    You can accept one-time and recurring donations and tips from the supporters of your creative work.

    There are many more ways to earn money than you can think of. All you need is the focus, commitment, and consistency to produce quality content that can add value to the lives of your audience.

    People are willing to pay you, but you must be eligible to qualify for their intent.

  • Financial Freedom

    From Savings to Earning Freedom

    “Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.”

    ― Warren Buffett

    We overeat and overspend.

    Don’t you agree with me?

    We’re afraid to be called troglodytes if we don’t spend on living a luxurious life. We feel inferior with inexpensive clothes and shoes. If we use public transport, we think we’re cheap, and with the two-year-old model of the iPhone, we feel outdated.

    The Market is so organized to steal our accounts that it’s hard to protect our pockets. The salespeople are ready to split our heads into two parts: one makes us feel important, and another introduces an inferiority complex. We’re the distracted kids in the dreamland of shopping malls.

    It’s our natural tendency to spend and save the little left with us, but if we want to create a safe and secure future, we must reverse our habit.

    “It costs nothing to ask wise advice from a good friend.”

    ― George Clason

    Make a habit of saving a significant portion of your earnings in keeping accounts, stocks, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and real estate.

    Diversify your portfolio to reduce losses in volatile markets. Practice good risk management and develop a sound psychology of money.

    Keep accumulating physical and digital assets that can pay you long-term. Avoid buying depreciating assets with heavy maintenance costs.

    The best luxury is under the shade of an oak tree, working on the project you love to work on and at the same time enjoying the warm rays of the Sun detoxifying the body and the cool breeze nourishing the soul.

    With freedom comes choice, but we’ve to pay the price. It will help if you commit to creating abundant wealth to produce enough assets to earn the money you need to achieve your freedom.

    Financial freedom is not a choice. It's the necessity of the soul. Think about freeing your soul from the bondage of materialism. 
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    How Will Riches Come To You?

    The main effect of the Internet on language has been to increase the expressive richness of language, providing the language with a new set of communicative dimensions that haven’t existed in the past.

    – David Crystal

    Richness is a mindset; if you’ve got that, financial health will always be there with you. Like a health-conscious person does her best to bring clarity about diet, exercise, and rest, the wealth-conscious person discovers the natural laws governing money-making tools.

    If you have a poor mindset and you fight over pennies, you’ll never be able to have a wealthy mindset. Irrespective of your bank balance, you’ll be living in a state of poverty.

    Abundance and prosperity are a state of mind in that wealth flow happens. You don’t need to go out and work hard, burning your skin under Sun. Some systems will pay you well even if you work from home. You must acquire talent and learn the skills necessary to execute the operations from home. There is no need to go to the office and work hard. You can create a work environment at your home where you’re your boss.

    The inventions of the 20th century ensure your comfort. They’re created to make your life easy, and still, if you can’t utilize those resources and earn well living a decent life of beauty and perfection, no one is to blame except you.

    You have got a beautiful mind that runs on a healthy body. You’ve got the talent to perform well in highly stressful conditions and the skill to communicate well with people instructing them to do the work for you. You lack the confidence that you can gain with a bit of practice.

    The future is bright. Open your eyes and look at the sky, listen to birds chirping, smell the scent of flowers and enjoy life. Stop telling yourself the stories of failure. Congratulate yourself for little victories. One day the work you’re doing will become a parameter of success. You don’t need to do anything except listen to your authentic self’s voice and keep doing the work you love.

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    Winning The Financial War With Gratitude

    Gratitude is one of the most beautiful things that we can gift to ourselves daily. A little dose of appreciation is sufficient to overcome the thoughts of guilt and resentment, anxiety, and depression.

    Irrespective of your stress level, if you start feeling grateful for the things you’ve, miraculously, it will help you attract those things you don’t have.

    If you’re struggling with your finances, start feeling grateful for your current wealth. Make peace with the money you lost and gained in the past. Start counting your blessings and say thanks to those who helped you in your hard times.

    Identify the deep unconscious patterns that work against your financial richness. Look at your spending habits and start analyzing your conversations about the money.

    Are you jealous of those who’ve more than you and criticizing the wealthy people at all times without any specific reason?

    If you don’t appreciate those with abundant wealth, it’s hard to attract it because much of the wealth is concentrated around them.

    Are you a health-conscious person or not?

    If your health expenditure is significant, it will be hard for you to save or invest money for your future. Hence, engage in health-conscious conversations and stop paying attention to the ill and poor.

    If you’ve empathy with those people later, you can donate money to help them, but first, focus your attention on the accumulation of wealth, and for that, you’ve to acquire wealth consciousness.

    Understand: Richness is a state of mind, and those who are wealth conscious are as rich as health-conscious people are healthy.

    As a health-conscious person takes a healthy diet and avoids junk food, the wealth-conscious person acquires the wisdom to consume excellent food of thought by reading good books and following great men and women of her time.

    A healthy person is always grateful for her health and engages herself in proper exercise. She takes good sleep. If you’re a finite wealthy person, you’ll have some wealth attraction ritual that you follow daily and have an abundance of gratitude for your wealth.

    It’s not luck or hard work that makes us rich or poor, but our habits create a mindset; either it will attract richness or repel it. Install in yourself healthy and wealthy habits. You’ll feel prosperous. Be grateful for the little that you’ve and keep working for your dreams and goals. Don’t think about the outcome or how the riches will come to you. That’s the work of the Universe. She’ll make a zillion permutations and combinations but fulfill your desire. That’s one of the Laws of the Universe, and it can’t be broken. Trust the Universe and keep on doing what you love to do. You’ll land at your destination.