Psychology of Wealth

  • Psychology of Wealth

    The Story Of Wealth

    “Women fake orgasms and men fake finances.” ― Suze Orman When it comes to the matter of finance, often we boast too much. Even though we don’t have sufficient purchasing power, we still squander money to impress others. There is no significant income, but we fake it in front of others, and what do we get? A fake third-grade self-satisfaction. How shameful is it to lie about what we don’t have? Are you struggling to manage your finances, and if yes, why is it difficult? Either you’re not good at mathematics, or your psychology is weak. Let’s do the calculation. You’re earning an ABC amount of monthly income, and your expenses…

  • Psychology of Wealth

    Why Does The Bank Want Higher Deposits?

    The bank want higher deposits because your money is lent out to others. Loans earn the bank anywhere between 10% to 18% while you get around 4% interest on your savings deposit. The difference between what you get and what the bank earns, minus costs, is the Bank’s profit. Food for thought: Is it a wise conclusion to put your money in a bank? Recommended Reading: