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    Think About ‘What’ & ‘Why’ Leaving ‘How’ For Another Day

    “Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”

    ― Brenda Ueland

    The World is full of books, blogs, people, and situations that teach you ‘how’ to do something. But it’s rare to get an idea about ‘what’ and ‘why’.

    People are somnambulist. They know how to walk; hence they can walk while sleeping. But do you think they know what they’re doing and why they’re doing what they’re doing?

    They’ve no idea, and neither do you and me. We’re sleeping walkers. We can only become aware of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it through awakening.

    We’ve to become aware of our existence as human beings. We’ve to pause and think about why we’re running so fast. Is there a genuine need for it, or we’re causing a mirage?

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    The Search of Smart and Beautiful

    Aira: Suppose if you were the most beautiful woman of this planet what would you be doing?

    Airis: Searching for the smartest man on this planet.

    Aira: And what would you be doing if you were the smartest man on this planet?

    Airis: Searching for the most beautiful woman on this planet.

    Aira: And what if you’re both, the smartest and most beautiful woman of this planet?

    Airis: Searching for someone better than me.

    Aira: And what if you’re both, the smartest and most beautiful man on this planet?

    Airis: (laughing…) For the first time, I’m hearing that men can be beautiful. I thought men can only be smart if they can anything be at all. Have no idea? But maybe then also searching for someone better than me.

    Aira: Why each time you’re searching someone better than you?

    Airis: So that I don’t get bored with life. It makes me realize ‘someone is there’ hence ‘something also must be there’.

    Aira: What is this ‘something’?

    Airis: You will know when you will find ‘someone’.

    Aira: And who is this ‘someone’?

    Airis: In an imaginary world it can be ‘anything’.

    Aira: So now I have to search for this ‘anything’?

    Airis: ‘Nothing’

    Aira: And what is that?

    Aira: ‘Everything’

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    The Concept of Mudita and Viraha

    “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

     – Buddha

    Mudita‘ is a Sanskrit word that means taking delight in the happiness of others.

    Viraha‘ is a Hindi word that means realization of love through separation.

    Now the question is…

    Is it possible to be delighted just by looking at the happiness of others, i.e. ‘Mudita‘?


    Is it possible to realize real love through separation, i.e., ‘Viraha‘?

    Well, most people will answer it in a hurry without thinking…

    Yes‘ and with confidence.

    It’s not that they understand what it means or how it feels; they answer it quickly without realizing its essence to look intelligent in the eyes of the questioner.


    It works.

    But when it comes to real life, all they crave is…

    Only their happiness without caring for others and realization of real love without separation.

    Is it possible to attain ‘absolute happiness‘ without ‘Mudita’ and realize ‘true love’ without ‘Viraha’?

    What do you think?

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    The Chosen Ones’

    Solving The Riddle


    Taking A ‘Little Baby Step’ Is More ‘Practical’ Than Taking The ‘Combined Theoretical Knowledge’ Of All ‘Books And Scriptures’.



    “The Mind is Everything. 
    What You Think You Become”.

    -Siddhartha Gautama (Before Christ)

    Everyone wants to live a life of peace and satisfaction. A life that includes worldly success as well as spiritual perfection. A life filled with enjoyment, happiness, and enthusiasm. 

    In short, everyone wants to live a life of ‘complete well-being’.
    But how many people, in reality, are able to achieve this gigantic goal of life?In a population of 7.7 Billion Sapiens currently inhabiting the planet Earth, how many are living a life of absolute peace, and complete satisfaction? 

    Only A ‘Few Chosen Ones’…

    He Is The Chosen One.

    -Star Wars

    What Do You Think?

    Now The Question Is…

    Why That Is So?
    Why There Are Few Chosen Ones?
    What’s The Real Problem?
    Lack Of Money?Lack Of Health?Ignorance In Relationships?OrJust Lack Of ‘Awareness and Understanding’?

    Everyone defines everything on this planet, in ‘a unique way’ based on his or her ‘unique personal experiences’ during their ‘journey of life’.
    Maybe because of that, there are so many contradictions at each and every sphere of ‘life and existence’.

    An innocent ‘average’ man or women becomes a victim of ‘theories and practicals’ of ‘few chosen ones’ who treat themselves and are treated by a majority as …

    experts, thinkers, futurists, philosophers and

    Have You Ever Thought…

    What Is The Source Of The ‘Knowledge And Wisdom’ Of These ‘Chosen Ones’?
    Do they breathe the air of another planet?
    Do they drink the water from the heavens?
    May be their food comes from an alien space station…
    It’s just a simple fact that they are not the son and daughter of their father and mother… 

    They Were Brought To This Planet By A Force.
    And Now…

    There Is A Shift In The Forces.

    -Star Wars

    If you think that way, dear, you are simply innocent.
    Nothing Else.
    Yeah, They Are Different. 
    You Perceived It Right.

    But Now Your Question Must Be…

    ‘Why’ They Are Different?
    ‘What’ Makes Them Unique?
    ‘How’ You Can Be Like Them? 
    To extend further…
    Even Better Than Them.

    …different from ordinary masses to become the best version of you that you’re capable of becoming…

    There Is No Upper Limit.

    What Makes Them Different Is A Simple Trait.
    They Are ‘Warriors’.
     They Are ‘Heroes of Real-Life’.

    To reduce it to the simplest form that can convince you to believe…

    The Truth.

    They Are simply ‘fighters’ who fight every day with no-one else…
    But With Their Own ‘Fears And Desires’.
    And each and every time they do that… 
    Life gives them ‘Gifts’ that they can share with their fellow beings if they are willing to do so. 

    Nothing Complicated.

    Volumes can be written to ‘express’ and to ‘explain’ the ‘Mysteries of the Universe’ and ‘Complications of Life’. 

    Do You Think…
    It Can Solve Your Day To Day Life Problem?

    If you think that by following others, by reading their sermons, and by memorising their lectures, you can become a Genius, a Master, or Both.

    You’re Learning Nothing From Them.

    There Is A Difference Between Knowing The Path And Walking The Path.

    -Morpheus, The Matrix

    Following others gives you ‘practical applied knowledge’ but you’re the one who has to apply that ‘practical knowledge’ in your day to day life, to become the best version of your ‘own self’ not ‘theirs’.

    If You Can Understand Only This One There Is Nothing More To Know.

    I Don’t Follow Anyone. I Don’t Believe In Books And Scriptures. I Don’t Need Others To Tell Me What Is Right And What Is Wrong, What Is Good And What Is Evil, What Is Divine And What Is  Devil… I Want To “Experience Everything By Myself”.

    -A Little Child, A Couple Of Years Back

    There Is A Genius Inside You.
    Realize That. 
    But Before That…
    Be Sure.
    What Really A Genius Is…
    …Not According To Your Pre-Conceived Programming.
    But based On Your Own ‘Experience And Wisdom’….


    There Is A Creative Artist Within You.
    Recognize That.
    But Before That…
    Be Sure.
    What Exactly Do You Mean By A Creative Artist…
    …That You’ve Heard From Someone Else.
    Or That You’ve Realized…

    There Is A ‘Fighter’ Inside You. 
    Wake Her.
    And Witness The Miracles She Is Capable Of Performing.

    I Don’t Need ‘Feedback And Suggestions’ Of Anyone

    To ‘Design My Life’.

    I Want To ‘Design My Life’ The Way I Want

     Based On My Own ‘Unique Personal Experiences’


    The ‘Guidance of My Spirit’ .

    It’s My Birthright. No One Can Take It From Me.


    The Climax

    There is a difference between possibility and reality. To turn the possibility into the reality we need commitment, focus, and dedication.

    There are evil forces of Resistance, Self-doubt, and Self-sabotage, to stop you, at any cost.

    But there are also the forces of Inspiration, Enthusiasm, and Courage, to make you walk the talk, at any cost.

    You’re The Chosen One.

    You’ve Got Some Unique Gifts.

    Regard Your Gifts…

    As A Bliss Or A Curse.

    The Choice Is Yours’.

    Choose Wisely.

    And. Remember. Always.

    Every Movie Has The Same Climax.

    “You’re What You Think All Day Long.”

    -Ralph Waldo Emerson (After Christ)

    The End

  • Philosophy

    Know Yourself

    Everything in nature moves in cycles. The day is followed by night. Summer is followed by winter and inhalation is followed by exhalation.

    Similarly, success is followed by failure and vice-versa.

    Nothing is permanent here, neither happiness nor sadness. Days of dreams, ecstasy and fantasy are soon replaced by nights of reality, pain, and suffering.

    High and low test each other resulting in Ego and Enlightenment to accomplish each other.

    It’s ironic that people spend their lives in search of ‘life and existence’ or justifying the concept of ‘divine and devil’ but never care to ‘observe their breath cycles’ or ‘listen to their heart beats’ to understand the Reality as it is.

    But what’s the joy in understanding something so ‘simple’ without making everything ‘complex’ when they can enjoy the taste of suffering for their whole lives wandering here and there to debate, discuss and justify this for that.

    You can lecture the baby of a bird right from its birth that ‘you can’t fly’ but once its wings got open, it starts flying in the sky smiling at your sermons.


    You can spend the whole of your life lecturing the fish in a pond how to swim perfectly when in reality she doesn’t need your teachings of ‘how to become a perfect swimmer’…

    She already is.

    If you’re interested in knowing the ‘secrets of creation’ and ‘sermons of truth’…

    Know ‘yourself’ and you’ll know everything by ‘yourself’ without the need of anyone else.