• Poetry

    All I Got Were A Few More Tears In My Eye

    Has anyone ever told you
    How beautiful are you?
    Today I'll make one more attempt
    To tell you the truth.
    Looking at the full Moon 
    I closed my eyes.
    I was sitting in front of a temple
    The angel I saw was you.
    Everyone was singing a song
    I was listening to the whistle.
    Someone came and slapped me
    I thanked God for the help.
    First time in my life 
    I was not sleeping.
    It was not a dream 
    I saw you in reality.
    The problem was only that
    It bothers me that you didn't care about it. 
    I kept on waiting that you'll talk to me
    But you were busy somewhere far away from me.
    I thought one day you'll send me a gift
    All I got were a few more tears in my eye.
  • Poetry

    The War Of The Words

    One Day I Heard Something From Someone, Somewhere...
    There Is A War Going On In The World
    Maybe Aliens Have Attacked The Planet Earth
    I Called The Leader Of Aliens
    And Asked...
    Baby. What You Want?
    She Said...
    Sorry Sir. For Wasting Your Precious Time
    I'm Just Following The Orders.
    One Night I Heard Someone Crying Somewhere
    I Asked...
    Baby. What Had Happened To You?
    She Said...
    Aliens Have Attacked My House
    They Looted Everything Except My Spirit
    I Called The Chieftain Of Aliens
    And Asked...
    Dear. Why You Robbed Her Beautiful Home?
    He Said...
    Sorry Sir. For Wasting Your Precious Time
    I'm Just Following The Orders.
    Then I Launched A Secret Mission To Search Deep Within Me 
    Who The Hell On Earth Is Giving Instructions
    To Rape And Murder The Innocent Spirits
    The Answer Came...
    Still. There Is Too Much Darkness Within You.
  • Poetry

    Dreams And Goals

    What kind of life you’re living?

    Realize the potential within you

    Ye beloved son of God

    You’re not here to sleep all day long.

    Look within yourself

    With guilt and shame carrying on your shoulders

    Destroying the beauty of your body and mind

    Are you satisfied with your performance?

    Listen the call of your heart

    Tell me the reason of your failure

    Isn’t it true my angel of life

    That you’re the cause of your destruction?

    For little pleasures and instant gratification

    You sacrificed your future

    What about your dreams and aspirations?

    You could’ve written a story

    How’ll you live the rest of your life?

    With fear and anxiety

    Mediocrity and boredom

    Without creativity and courage.

    Change yourself

    Before it becomes late

    My dear, I love you

    Think about your dreams and goals.

  • Poetry

    Just Go & Watch The Movie

    Humans are deceptive
    If you want to experience love
    Make an affair with God
    He is full of beauty & wisdom
    Humans are weak
    Hence they are selfish
    God is powerful
    Hence he is selfless
    Don't trust a man or woman
    They are liars
    Trust the higher intelligence
    Who gave us birth
    Remember, always
    He has a better plan for you
    Your little mind can't comprehend
    The cosmic drama He designed for you
    Never let anyone belittle you
    For your beloved is excellence
    You've been created to touch the cloud
    Don't get ashamed of yourself
    You're a star from the heavens
    Let people die in the hell of earth
    You've been crafted to celebrate
    Let losers run behind rats
    You're the glory of God
    My child, you're the superstar
    You don't need the attention of others
    You're complete in yourself
    Don't believe my words
    Put your hands on your heart
    You'll listen to a voice
    That's the call of your beloved
    God is waiting for you
    To give the most magnificent gift
    Everything is arranged
    Just go and watch the movie 

  • Poetry

    Love At First Sight

    It was love at first sight
    Our eyes met and we both smiled
    Before the thought came
    We were mad for each other

    There was silence
    We looked at each other
    In a moment we realized
    We are made for each other

    The movie was yet to be started
    I hold her hand
    She was not shocked
    I was her only affair with life

    The next step was a sweet kiss
    We were passionate
    And the moon was romantic
    There was no one to stop us

    We were shopping
    Thinking about the sex
    We both were virgin
    But there was no fear

    We became intimate
    Without any precaution
    The result was a cute baby
    In a year we became parents

    The movie was yet to be started
    She holds my hand
    I was shocked
    He was her only affair with life

    I'm a mother of a year old
    I love my husband
    We met a year earlier
    It was love at first sight

    You are good at writing
    Will you please compose a love song
    That I can gift him
    On our wedding anniversary

    My response was affirmative
    Our eyes met and we both smiled
    The movie came to an end
    It was love at first sight