But My Passion Can’t Pay My Bills?

They know they can die, and so do their families. The soldier fights with integrity and dies with respect. That’s the Warrior’s Code. An artist must have to follow that.

Just Go & Watch the Movie

God is waiting for you
To give the most magnificent gift
Everything is arranged
Just go and watch the movie

Can You Listen to the Voice of My Heart?

Our dreams are not dead material but active substances. They’re packages of energy, vibrant enough to recognize our presence. But you must possess the talent and skill to influence her.

Passion & Profession

The world’s most efficient and complex machine is between your ears. By harnessing its power, you can achieve whatever you wish, given it’s permissible under the laws of nature.

Dreams And Goals

Ye beloved son of God

You’re not here to sleep all day long.

Love At First Sight

My response was affirmative
Our eyes met and we both smiled
The movie came to an end
It was love at first sight

I Still Love You

Living in hell

Writing poetries for you


I love you, now and always

The Romantic Nights

The romantic nights
That I spent with her
Those were the contracts
Signed by her for my murder

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