How to Develop a Positive Self-Image?

The day you start recognizing your self-worth, you’ll become independent because you have the potential to succeed in life and live a larger-than-life image.

The Angel Who Broke My Heart

It’s a natural response to get attracted by good-looking people, but physical beauty doesn’t mean that the person is good at heart.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a state that is a byproduct of being rooted in the Self, leaving the false ego of individuality composed of lack and limitation. 

Where Is True Love & Recognition?

We live in a web of illusion, and we can’t be lovable unless we clear that clutter. No one can give us what we seek- true love and recognition.

Why do We Suffer from Guilt & Self-hatred?

We can’t cure ourselves of this disease unless we recognize our self-worth and elevate our self-esteem to realize the potential within us that is made up of pure love.

Never Let the Comment of others Belittle You

Remember always; the toxic people survive on your reaction. The best way to deal with these people is to ignore them as if they don’t exist. They’ll leave you without your time and attention.

Never feel Cheap about Yourself

The outer World is a reflection of our inner state of mind. The more we feel confident about ourselves, the better we can stand with the rest of the World.

Do You Hate Your Body?

There is no fashion with clothes and shoes if your body is not comfortable with them. There is no meaning in fancy goggles and expensive watches if you’re ashamed of your own body.

The Search for Love

The moment we genuinely accept ourselves and stop craving anything from anyone, we restore our power to attract all the love and respect of others by itself.

How Can Self-love Create Miracles In Your Life?

Every moment allows us to love ourselves unconditionally, laugh, and have fun. Our commitment to making ourselves feel good irrespective of outer circumstances fills the vacuum in our lives.

It’s Your Story

Look at your face in the mirror, and I’m sure you’ll witness a person you don’t like. Seriously, do you like yourself? I mean, as it is without any change. Do you accept yourself the way you’re? Look at your nose and eyes, chest and belly. What do you think about yourself? Your hairstyle. Is …

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Self-Love Can Transform Your Life

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha It’s easy to show our love and …

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