• Self-Love

    Do You Hate Your Body?

    “The human body is the best work of art.”

    ― Jess C. Scott

    Many times we forget the sacredness of the human body. We start denying it and treat it as if it’s merely a structure of flesh and bones.

    When we start focusing on disease and decay, we stop caring about the original needs of the body. We may eat, exercise and sleep well but forget to give the body the love it deserves.

    Love is a vital ingredient that helps us learn and grow as better humans. If we don’t like our faces and hate our bodies, we invite complex psychological disorders.

    A person who can’t love oneself can never take care of anyone. The one who neglects the needs of his body, how can she create harmony between the internal environment and external world?

    The more we deny ourselves, the lesser we evolve. Fear and anxiety catch our attention. We fall prey to the emotions of despair and desperation. We start depreciating our value and in no time fall below the standards of a human being.

    The human body is a sacred instrument. It’s the most remarkable invention by the forces of the Universe.

    We must love our bodies as we love the kids. We are required to appreciate it and praise its marvelous glory.

    We must acknowledge the truth that without the body we’ve, there is no meaning in the resources we’re running after.

    There is no fashion with clothes and shoes if your body is not comfortable with them. There is no meaning in fancy goggles and expensive watches if you’re ashamed of your own body.

    Never let the body feel denied of your love. Give the body what it needs and reduce the mind’s desires to create a prosperous lifestyle.

    Touch your face as if you’re touching the most beautiful bird on this planet. Sing and dance like the angels in heaven. Love your body as God lives inside it.

    “A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”

    ― Jess C. Scott
  • Self-Love

    The Search For Love

     “Be enough for yourself first. The rest of the world can wait.”

     — fw

    We have a craving to be cared for and to be made special by someone. We seek to be recognized and respected by others. We are like kids who can’t survive without love and affection.

    There is nothing wrong with wishing to be loved and respected by others, but once we start depending on others for our happiness, we lose our power. The other person starts ruling our life, and we become puppets in her hands.

    No love outside of us can truly make us feel good. Unless we have a deep sense of self-worth and self-esteem, no outside force can create happiness within us. The joy we occasionally think of is the result of self-love and self-care.

    Getting dependent on others for love and approval is like giving the key to our home to the neighbor and waiting for her to open the house doors. Can it be called a wise decision?

    Fall in love with yourself. Do whatever you love to do and take care of yourself. Love your body unconditionally and appreciate the intelligence of your mind. You’re unique and have to realize this truth in your heart.

    Feel grateful for little things in your life. Do your best to live every moment to its fullest. Any moment Goddess of Death can come and take our breath away from us. Life is short. We can’t waste it on expectations from others.

    People love and respect you not because you want that but because they feel a sense of belongingness to you. You’ve to realize in your mind that you are loving and worth being loved by others.

    The moment you genuinely accept yourself and stop craving anything from anyone, you’ll restore your power to attract all the love and respect of others by itself. Self-love is the key to accessing the power within you.

    Witness the miracle of life and allow the creativity within you to create magic in your work and relationships. Don’t get obsessed with anyone for anything. Feel free to express the joy within you; through that expression, you will win the heart of everyone around you effortlessly.

  • Self-Love

    How Can Self-love Create Miracles In Your Life?

    “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” 

    Rupi Kaur, Canadian Poet

    When we genuinely love ourselves, we don’t fall into the trap of criticism, guilt, and fear. We accept our true nature and avoid being influenced by comments from other people.

    With self-love comes the necessity to challenge the status quo of our lives, changing ourselves in positive ways. We welcome the knowledge and wisdom that can transform our life. We start thinking creatively and embrace new ideas.

    Life is a slow journey. Our most cherished dreams take a long time to manifest themselves. We need a lot of courage and patience to pursue our goals, and unless we’ve a genuine love for ourselves, we can’t persevere in sticking to the path of our journey.

    Every moment allows us to love ourselves unconditionally, laugh, and have fun. Our commitment to making ourselves feel good irrespective of outer circumstances fills the vacuum in our lives.

    We’re open to receiving the cosmic love of the Universe in the form of little gifts. The Universe sends us all the good things we deserve when we’ve got a sense of self-worthiness and self-acceptance; that are the attributes of self-love in the purest form.

  • Self-Love

    How Can Self-love Solve All The Problems Of Your Life?

     “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” 

    – Buddha

    Everyone suffers from guilt and self-hatred, including you and me. We’ve made many mistakes in the past, and now we regret that in the present. We criticize and abuse ourselves for not making the right decisions in the past. We blame our past selves for our present condition.

    No one insults us the way we insult ourselves. We seek love in the outer world, but our inner world is filled with wrath and ego. Instead of doing what is right in the present, we think about what we did wrong in the past.

    Our obsession with the past is the cause of many so-called mental diseases. We keep on playing the same mental movie in our minds repeatedly. Past rules us more than present and future.

    The way to break the chain of bondage is to forgive. It doesn’t matter what wrong you did in the past; it’s the present where you can make the right decisions to shape your life. Release the past and forgive yourself.

    When we completely forgive ourselves, we become free of resentment of the past we have been carrying for a long time. From here onwards, we start to develop compassion for ourselves. We remove the mental toughness and become as soft as a feather.

    With self-love comes the ability to heal ourselves. We start a new life without ego and jealousy. It’s the beginning of a life full of love and gratitude that we always dream of. Every moment we start creating new stories that people love to listen to.

    By moving ourselves towards beauty and perfection, we become creative magnets spreading our love wherever we go. We, the kids of God, restore our childish nature and, free from anxiety and depression, live a life of high morals.

    Don’t underestimate the power of self-love. It’s the purity of heart with perfection. Forgive and flirt with yourself to create a life of abundance.

  • Self-Love

    It’s Your Story

    Look at your face in the mirror, and I’m sure you’ll witness a person you don’t like.

    Seriously, do you like yourself?

    I mean, as it is without any change.

    Do you accept yourself the way you’re?

    Look at your nose and eyes, chest and belly.

    What do you think about yourself?

    Your hairstyle. Is that sexy enough?

    Do you like yourself? I don’t believe your answer is yes. You’re lying. Don’t you?

    We’re never satisfied with our looks and outfits. We find others more attractive and intelligent. Their faces reflect absolute confidence, and we console ourselves with fake self-esteem.

    It’s hard to accept ourselves the way we’re. I don’t know from where comes this bane of disliking ourselves, but the truth is that, indeed, we don’t like ourselves.

    We naturally witness ourselves as imperfect.

    Am I not good enough?

    To be true to you, I don’t know the answer. All I know is that I’m never satisfied with myself. If there is a person I hate the most on this planet, it’s none other than me.

    No one ever abused, criticized, or insulted me the way I do for myself. I’m my most extensive critique. I keep on complaining about everything wrong with me.

    I think that’s a form of cruelty, but anyway, I cannot change my conditioned mind.

    To know something wrong is one thing and to make it right is another thing. Often it’s more complicated than we expect it to be. To love yourself unconditionally is one of the hardest things in the world.

    How can anyone love oneself with so many imperfections?

    No way, at least I can’t do that.

    You would’ve been thinking, what the f*cking story you’re telling. It sucks my brain.

    Exactly, I’m giving you nothing in this post except a reflection of my mind that resonates with yours.

    Think about it?

    You’re wasting your time abusing, criticizing, and insulting yourself.

    Who’ll love you if you don’t have any appreciation for yourself?

    Why did someone give you the f*ck of attention if you feel inferior in your eyes?

    Dear, it’s not about me or anyone else. It’s about you and your beliefs. It’s about the way you treat yourself. It’s about the story you tell yourself.

    No one is perfect on this planet, at least to my knowledge. Everyone is doing her best to prove herself better in the eyes of others, but what matters, in reality, is how you feel about yourself.

    If you’re witnessing yourself from the eyes of others, you’ll be their slave for a lifetime. Anytime anyone makes you feel bad. Your happiness will be situation-dependent, and you’ll always feel like a victim.

    Observe the thinker in your head. Your brain is in your control. Irrespective of the programming you’ve received from the environment, you can create new attitudes and beliefs that empower you to live a successful life.

    In the upcoming posts under this section, I’ll create a structure that will help you to reprogram your mind effortlessly. With the practical exercises, you’ll be able to understand yourself better and practice the way to love yourself unconditionally. That’s the beginning of any healing you’re looking for.

    Till then, goodbye and take care.