The Infinite Game: How Entrepreneurs Can Transcend Self-Imposed Limits

This article posits that the ability to transcend limits is not reserved for the select few but is accessible to all who adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. It is a mindset that sees beyond the current reality to what could be, guided by a blend of audacity, creativity, and resilience.

How To Develop Self-Confidence Within You?

Every day make a habit of performing tasks that build up your self-confidence. Do pushups, practice martial arts, or perform yoga. If you’re unfit, focus on getting into shape.

How To Prime Yourself For Daily Work?

Amidst you and your dreams is standing a Resistance. I know you want to run after your goals but cannot eliminate the evils of laziness and procrastination.

How To Handle Real-Life Criticism?

If someone yells at you about something with a lot of anger, it means she has gone through a lot of pain in her life. She has to release those feelings of suffering; her voice is that medium.

Fear of the Unknown

Starting a conversation with a stranger, getting trapped in an unfamiliar situation, and going to a place for the first time where we have never been all makes us feel scared. 

The Three Ghosts

Witness the reality as it is and kill these monsters at the first sight before they kill you.

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