• Wisdom

    Please Help Me

     “Mom, you said that the biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other.”

    – Anakin Skywalker, ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’

    We’re selfish creatures. We’re good at the talk but not at the act. We can preach to others about selflessness but when comes the real-life situation we act in the favor of our self-interest.

    Self-preservation is a priority for us. It’s hard for us to sacrifice our desires for the welfare of others.

    I’m not saying it’s good or bad. I’m expressing a truth.

    That’s what we’re…

    My dear, you and me.

    We are the same because we’re the product of the same civilization that is good at preaching and bad at following.

    To come out of my comfort zone and do something genuinely for you is out of my range. I can be good and helpful to you until I don’t contradict my self-interest in you.

    To be true to you, I don’t believe in helping others because with that I elevate my ego and it gives me a false belief that I’m superior to them.

    What I can do for others is to love them unconditionally…

    …With that love comes a sense of responsibility

    Out of that an spontaneous action…

    …I call it self-satisfaction

    I never helped anyone in my life and I’m not guilty of that…

    All I ever did was for my self-satisfaction with that spontaneous act people call help.

  • Wisdom

    The Wisdom of Thanos: Love With Death

    Thanos is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His quest to know himself lead him to his love with death. He uses the infinity gems to create the Infinity Gauntlet, making himself omnipotent erasing ‘half’ the living things in the universe to prove his love of death.

    He is not a typical movie villain who wants to rule the masses with power to satisfy his ego.  He is also not a devil who wants complete destruction of the whole life from the universe. All he wants is to ensure the survival of living beings by eradicating half of them to maintain the balance of nature.

    He can’t be called a devil as he has no hatred for anyone, not even for the superheroes who came to stop him from his mission. This supervillain respects the knowledge and power of the heroes who with their combined powers are just like ‘milk fed babies’ before him during the fight.

    One can’t love this super villain as he is against humanity and one can’t hate him because he is doing it all in favor of humanity. And that is the most interesting thing that makes him the most strange and confusing in the human history of characters.

    In real life to solve a ‘life problem’ there are two ways…


    Find a solution to the problem by addressing the problem


    Get rid of the problem by eradicating the problem

    Thanos’ love for death leads his wisdom to select the second option. For Thanos, for Life to thrive Death is necessary. For Thanos, his decision is based on a simple calculus. The Universe is finite and hence its resources are finite and if life is left unchecked, it will cease to exist. Hence, he started a mission to create a perfectly balanced universe.

    Given a choice to solve this problem what you will do?

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    Arrival of New Avengers

    Everyone and Everything that has been once admired, appreciated and loved has to take a leave to give space for the new flowers to blossom. 

    No matter how powerful, efficient and successful the worldly characters are in a Cinematic Universe…

    Their Creator has to say goodbye to them, leaving a ‘space’ to be filled by new babies who may not be as popular and loving as their role models but the ‘Time’ will make them more ‘powerful’ and ‘efficient’ than any one could have ever thought.

    In the beginning, they maybe compared to the ‘giants of the hearts’ in whose comparison they are ‘milk boys’

    They maybe mimicked, made fun of and ridiculed for their little mistakes…

    Majority of the audience will either completely ‘discard their existence’ or hate them making ‘new rules’ and challenging the ‘status quo’.

    But there is a whole class of ‘evolved beings’ apart from the common masses who will embrace their arrival. 

    They will be ready to see their adventures, magic and miracles.

    They will be ready to forgive their little mistakes. 


    They will give them sufficient time to ‘rise and fall’ so that they can learn in a ‘controlled environment’ before the final battle with the ghostly beasts of dark dimension.

    More Than Anyone Else…

    The Most Exalted One’s

    The Masters of Mind and Heart

    Who Are Beyond Ego And Malice

    …Are Excited To Witness The Arrival Of New Avengers.

    They Are The Mentors Of These ‘Milk Boys’.

    They have stood on the ‘shoulders of these giants of heart’

    They learned their first and the last lesson from these ‘Masters’ 

    Now they are going to fight on the battlefield of Life.

    It reminds the ‘Masters’ of their days when they have started their journey right from the scratch.

    It’s a replica of their own potential, their powers, the lessons they applied in their life and taught it to these little children selflessly so that they can grow more, to become more and to create more…

    …Even More Than What They Accomplished In Their Own Lives.

    What About You? 

    Are You Excited For The Arrival Of A Completely New Race Of Avengers To Make Some Noise In The Silence… 

    What About Becoming One Of Them?