Beyond the Resume: Defining Yourself Through Your Work

In “Beyond the Resume,” we delve into the idea that our professional worth is defined by our work, not just our credentials. The article explores the limitations of resumes, the broader scope of ‘your work,’ success stories transcending conventional career paths, and the importance of creating impactful, authentic portfolios.

How to Know for Which Work You’re Made?

It feels natural to us. The veterans of that field attract us. We’re willing to listen to them. Suppose we get an opportunity; we want to be like them. They’re our role models.

Discover Your Unique Patterns

Whether you believe in God or not, there is undoubtedly a Higher Intelligence that guides us. Our work is to understand the clues that this Intelligence leaves daily.


Dance on the Beat of Life

Everyone has a different dance, and for that, there exists a unique beat. Listen to the music playing in the background and find your unique dance style. Hop on the moment of life. Love, dance, and create your next masterpiece.

Keep on Doing what You Love to Do

It doesn’t matter what people think about you and your work. The real thing is your opinions about yourself and the profession. Whether you love yourself and the job or not, that matters.

Paint On The Blank Canvas

I don’t judge your work by conventional standards. What’s essential for me is that you show up every day and invest your time doing the work.

Gateway To The Wisdom Of Life

The day we start doing our job out of love and not merely for money, we upgrade ourselves from the status of a prostitute to a true lover.

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