Don’t Distract Yourself

Many times we act foolishly. A remark of criticism or abusive language from some crook, and we take that personally. We react to that person seeking revenge or cry for hours thinking about their words.

No person has any control over you unless you give importance to that person. It doesn’t matter who they are, how important that person is, never forget your uniqueness. You’re not here to quarrel with idiots.

It’s not that you’re weak. Your no response is the most potent response to that person. Your silence will overwhelm them.

Listen, everyone seeks attention, and unconscious people create a drama to capture your attention.

Why fall into that trap?

Why give them that much importance?

You’ve other essential works to do rather than creating a tik-tok with that person.

Please understand that if you keep using your thought energy on these kinds of foolish acts, you will not achieve anything significant. The other person is nothing but a thought image. Let it go. Forgive them for the stupid show, forget all that traumatic episode and move on.

Focus your attention on the beautiful part of life. You’re going to meet some of the most creative and loving people on this planet. Prepare yourself for that.



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