Don’t Make Assumptions

We live in a world of illusions. We think that we know and because of that, we assume. But the truth is far away from our thought. We don’t know about others. We can pretend to know but it’s impossible to know what the next person is thinking.

Once we accept this truth, there comes a state of liberation. Now, we don’t create emotional drama. We try to understand the person next to us. Instead of instant comments based on preconceived notions we give the person next to us…

Time, to explain the reality. We don’t jump to conclusions. In this way, we create loving relationships.

Understand: We suffer from the problem of low self-esteem and our ego is as big as Mount Everest, because of that, we create emotional pain in our relationships.

We assume and hence we distort the reality.

If you want to change this habit of pre-assumption, you’ve to think in terms of probabilities. What you’re thinking about me or any other person is one of the possibilities, not the definite reality. If you can’t read my mind, you don’t have the right to say anything about me.

We’ve to accept our limitations as human beings. We’re susceptible to false beliefs and attitudes. Through awareness, we can witness our thoughts and catch the faulty patterns that lead to the assumption of false beliefs and attitudes. We’ve to get rid of that.



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