Focus On Skill Acquisition & Practice

“Never chase opportunities. Let it come to you by creating value and building rare skillsets.”

― Johannes Larsson

Not everyone can do some skills, and if you’re skilled to create value in the life of others using your talent, you don’t need anything else.

Focus on mastering the art and craft of your work. Do it with perfection and let others come to you for your opinion.

Could you not make it a charity?

Learn to charge people for your opinion. If you have an idea, you must learn to sell it.

The more you practice better you’ll be able to handle your work with perfection, and people will be able to derive more value from you.

Once they start receiving a unique quality from you meeting their requirements, they’ll be more willing to pay you for your service.

Hence, the secret to prosperity is learning a set of skills that can create value in the life of others and develop the courage to ask for monetary value in return for your service.

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