Games Of Love

She cut the nerves of her right hand to show others, how much she loved her boyfriend who left her last day, saying goodbye for the last time. 

She cried all night, not because of the pain of her body, but the pain that she felt deep inside her heart.

She didn’t want to live, and that’s why she locked herself in a room, closing all the doors and windows, making it ensure, that no one could be able to help her to keep her alive.

She had lost her will to live.



It was better for her to die…

Than to remain alive because now there was nothing left in her life that could make her smile once again. 


What Is The Meaning Of Life?

If A Person Is Alive Without A Smile.

But fate was not as much in favor of her and something miraculous happened to her. There comes an insight she has not been able to comprehend yet…

From Where It Came?


It’s From Heavens.

Her Higher Self.


The Intelligence Within Her.

She saw the handkerchief that her beloved friend has gifted her, on her sixteenth birthday.

Something was written on it that she could barely read with her blurred eyes.

“I Love You More than I Love Myself”

t was written with the blood of her ex-boyfriend.

Her fresh flowing blood got mixed with the dry blood on the handkerchief.

And once at all…

She Realized It all.

The sacred ‘Games of Blood’ and the ‘Plays of Love’.

She didn’t need any motivation to think about what she needs to do. She took her cellphone and called her mother…

“I Want To Live”. 

She doesn’t know what happened after that when she woke up in the morning, her whole family was waiting for her eyes to get opened.

No One Said Nothing To Her.

She could see the tears in their eyes and a drop of tear came from her silk stocking eyes to roll down on her cheeks.

Now She Has Understood.

“The Game of Tears” and “The Matter of Hearts”.

Did You Understood Anything?

She tried to kill herself but the irony is that she saved herself by choice.

Years have passed and now she is a grown-up of twenty-one years old.

She lives a happy life with her family and friends and rarely there is a moment when there is no smile on her face.

It looks…

She understands ‘something deep’ that others can’t comprehend.

She has almost forgotten the incidence when she tried to get free of life as she thought there was no meaning to her life without the love of the person whom she loved the most.

She has not seen that boy even for a once in these years of her life or maybe she didn’t wish to see him once again. But last days when he appeared in front of her from nowhere…

She was shocked without any clue what to say or do.

Maybe she needed the same inspiration that saved her life once. But the time was short and she had to take her flight to the ‘destination of her dreams’ that once she dreamed with the boy when she was a teen.

She went in front of him and said with a cool voice and a loving smile.

“Thank You, you taught me… 

What is true love. You shed your blood for me to write how much you loved me and your love was true…

It saved my life.”


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