Games of Self-Worthiness: You’re not Good Enough

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

― Shannon L. Alder
Who will decide your worth?

Uncle Sam, Aunty Rubina, the boy judging your outfits, the girl next door, or a successful, respected person of the social systems giving commentary of his or her point-of-view?

Whose definition will you accept?

On whose music will you dance?

Everyone has her music and a different dance.

Will you dance to everyone’s beat?

Who will decide your self-worth?

You think you’re not good enough.

In whose eyes?

To whom do you want to show you’re successful and worth loving?

Who will give you the approval of your self-worthiness?

Who the hell is someone to tell you who you’re?

 Know yourself. 

You can know yourself better than anyone else could ever.

You can know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else could ever tell you.

Analyze yourself, observe yourself, understand yourself, and learn from everyone around you but never let anyone else decide your ‘self-worth.’

You may not be good at one thing or something, but it’s impossible that you’re useless in everything. Identify your strengths. Make it stronger. Don’t waste time rectifying every weakness.

First, could you sharpen the saw of your one strong enough before moving to reduce the bundle of little weaknesses? of your one sufficient solid before moving to reduce the pile of little inadequacies?

Everyone has a lot—even your great mentors. Find solace in this simple truth.

Be ‘humble’ enough to learn but don’t allow anyone to call ‘you’ worthless. You’re something. You’re worth something. Work on that.

It’s a battle. Don’t let anything or anyone touch you personally. Stay calm. Nothing is personal here.

You’re not a babe of wax that will get melted by the heat of insult by some creepy real-life monster or the comment of a roadside Romeo…

One of the things that are crucial to learning for every person, irrespective of age and gender, is that if you’re not ‘emotionally resilient,’ any Tom, Dick, and Harry can make you feel low and worthless irrespective of your status and authority and any Selina, Julia or Alisa will break your heart no matter how smart and colorful you are.

It’s a battle. We’re always fighting at both inner and outer levels.

If you’re a warrior, you will always find ways to win both the inner and outer battles of life, and if you’re a pawn on a chessboard, others will always use you for their benefit. Because then, ‘they’ will decide your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth.

”And most of the time, ‘they’ will prove, and you will believe in accepting that you’re not good enough as they are. You are a no one. You’re useless.”

For that, you can’t blame them. You gave them the authority to decide who you are?

How can anyone decide who you are?

Who the hell is someone to tell you who you are?

You’re something.

And you’re worth something.

Realize THAT. You’re THAT.


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