Happiness And Satisfaction

We seek pleasure. The materialistic world has created a delusion outside there in the market. It says that if you shop more you’ll get a better lifestyle. Give us your savings and we’ll give you an experience. It will make you feel good.

There is a beautiful lady. She’s inviting her prospect for a session of lovemaking. We’re in fantasy to get pleasure.

What we seek is not sex or shopping but an experience that can make us feel good. We seek pleasure.

The sweet voice of a sexy lady and an expensive choice of products during shopping. It gives us pleasure.

My dear, these two are the weapons of mass destruction. If you want to destroy yourself…

Please shop lavishly and keep on running behind women. Surely, you’ll get an experience that will ruin your life in the long run. I’m not denying the fact that you’ll get short term pleasure.

Listen, what we’re seeking are happiness and satisfaction. If you expect that these cheap distractions can give anything more than momentary pleasure, you’re fooling yourself.

Cultivate wisdom unto you. Stop chasing these short term pleasures through sex and shopping. Run behind a higher goal. It will give pain in the short term. You’ll have to work hard and sacrifice a lot of pleasures but in the long run, you’ll get what you seek…

Happiness And Satisfaction.



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