How To Bring Clarity In Your Writing?

“Whenever there’s something wrong with your writing, suspect that there’s something wrong with your thinking.”

― Patricia T. O’Conner, Words Fail Me: What Everyone Who Writes Should Know about Writing

Most of the time, there is a flow of hundreds and thousands of random thoughts in our brains. The tricky part is to organize these thoughts in a way that can make sense to the readers.

When we write, we focus on framing the words to form correct sentences. But what if we don’t know what we’re writing?

Without the understanding of a concept, we can’t write well. We always feel frustrated because there is no clarity in our minds. We don’t know what we want to explain.

We’re in the process of giving an output in the form of writing, but there is no synchronization between our thought and action.

To write well, first, we must have to be clear in our minds about what we want to write and whether we understand the concept that we’re willing to express or not.

Don’t stress too much. Go with the flow, synchronize your thought with the action, and get clear writing. At least there will be no frustration because you delivered what you know.

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