How To Clean The Garbage Of Your Mind?

“Relax, allow the mind to become empty, and surprise yourself with the great treasure that begins to flow from your soul.”

― Paulo Coelho

We are in a hurry to do something. We don’t have a concept; we still want to concentrate. Without an object, we want to focus. With no skill, we want to master the craft.

The problem with the mind is that it’s filled with too much information. The memories and beliefs compel us to create something extraordinary, but we don’t have the talent or skill to do the work.

We run here and there. Copy and paste in the hope of getting something. What do we produce every time?

A bad art.

The produced work can’t have quality if the mind is cluttered with too much information. The first step is to calm down our minds.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Become aware of your breath and witness the flow of thoughts without the compulsion to change anything.

Observe your surrounding. Listen to the background music and feel the flow of life in front of you. Everything is fine-tuned. Now you’re in a condition to produce valuable content.