How To Forgive Yourself For Ruining Your Career?

“We learn faster when we like what we do.”

― Bert McCoy

If you could’ve enjoyed it well, you wouldn’t have left it. So, there is no point in regret. Congratulations on having the courage to let go of the traditional career path and starting your venture.

It could’ve been the safest way to continue your job and earn a decent income, but it would’ve limited your time and freedom. Now you can fly like a free bird in the sky doing whatever you love to do.

Many times in moments of stress and anxiety, you may feel regret about making a wrong move, but that doesn’t create a change in your circumstances.

You’ve got a free life and ample time to pursue your dreams. You’re young and creative. There are always enough possibilities available in the market. Instead of regretting what is not yours, focus your attention on grabbing new opportunities.

Life is short, and we’ve little time to waste on regret and remorse. Move on and start writing your destiny with your own little hands. They’ve got the miraculous power to heal others, including yourself. Don’t miss the chance.

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