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How To Stop Getting Distracted From Your Goals?

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.”

― John Wooden

Writing is an outcome of our perception of the environment, understanding, and the ability to express ourselves in sentences and paragraphs.

We read books and blogs, learn a concept and try to give value to our readers through our writing. Most of the time, we fail, but a few times, we pass the test conducted by the Goddess of Creativity and create unique content that helps the readers move an inch forward to their goals.

Our goal is to present an idea in the simplest form with a focused mind. Many times we get distracted by grammar and fancy words. The content loses value because of technical jargon, and we fail miserably.

The more we learn about the art, the more we see ourselves as a novice. Every day we find ourselves amateurs who don’t know a single rule of writing.

We fail and practice. It’s our practice that makes us perfect. It develops confidence in our ability. If we practice producing ten works, one will surely be a killer.

Hence our focus is on the production part, and we leave the quality check on the Goddess of Creativity and the Almighty Audience.

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