How Writing Helps Us To Evolve Into Better Human Beings?

“One day, I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

To evolve into better human beings, we need a certain kind of flexible personal philosophy that can guide us in daily life. Writing helps us to develop that flexible personal philosophy to navigate our lives.

Through writing, we understand the beliefs and attitudes that shape our lives. We explore our wildest imaginations to invoke the creativity within us. We discover new territories of the unknown, confronting our deepest fears and desires.

Writing is the perfect tool to know our sexual drives and afflictions associated with our love affairs. It helps us to discover our attachments and allows us to create a systematic plan to remove the distractions in our life.

It comes second to mediation when we talk about self-discovery and self-evaluation. Writing is a magical tool that can change your life forever.

In a sense, we all are writers. Every day we write many things, but if systematically organized, it can become a profession.

If you’re passionate enough to tell your story to the world, nothing can be better than to become a self-taught writer.

With writing, we gain the flexibility of thought and action. We can fill the gap between random thoughts and focused effort using the right words.

Writing helps us become clear thinkers and better orators. When we write with good intent and clear thought, there is an action that spontaneously allows others, including ourselves, to evolve into better human beings.

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