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I Don’t Have A Subject To Write About.

“O thou who are trying to learn the marvel of Love through the copybook of reason, I am very much afraid you will never see the point.”

― Hafez

When we sit down to write, we face the challenge of writing.

  • I’m not a writer. How can I dare to write something I don’t know?
  • I’m not good enough to pursue my dream of becoming a writer.
  • I’m afraid to express myself. Everyone will call me a phony, even if I’m writing the truth.
  • I’m unsuccessful in my career. What will the people think of me?
  • I’m unclear about the subject that I want to write about.

These are distractions. All you’ve to do is to sit and write. Your task is not to judge the quality of your work but to produce the result.

The result is quantity. Write more, and you’ll evolve into a better writer.

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