I’m Not Good Enough

No one critiques us the way we criticize ourselves. We seek approval and love from others, but deep down, we hate ourselves.

How can anyone love us when we hate our bodies and minds?

We don’t love and respect ourselves, and we expect it from the world.

How fair is it?

We don’t have self-esteem. We don’t know our self-worth. We don’t have self-reliance.

We want the whole world to come to us and make us feel good.

How funny is it?

I meet people who are not poor but have a poor mindset; because of that, they fight against poverty.

How can you live a life of true luxury when your mindset is poor?

You seek love from a girl/boy, but you think you don’t deserve her/him.

Isn’t it a joke you’re making on yourself?

Listen, my friend, if you think this world is stupid and that it will give you everything without a cost, you’re a fool.

No one gives here a f*ck to anyone without self-interest. No one is interested in your story of life.

If you’re not bold, they’ll make fun of you. If you don’t have talent or skill, people insult you. If you’re not wealthy, they’ll abuse you.

If you don’t have magical tricks to survive on this planet, they’ll make your life a living hell.

Here, no one cares for anyone, including you and me. We’re the citizens of a civilization that believes in f*cking others, not getting f*cked by anyone. That’s how we’ve evolved into a superior race on this planet.

Please think for yourself. Do whatever you can to make yourself faster, smarter, and better. Don’t ask for mercy. That’s for cowards, and you’re a warrior.

Know yourself. Instead of living the life of a lamb, live the life of a lion.

What you need are three things

Health, Wealth, And Wisdom

Work on these three

You’ll change your self-image in a few months, and one day you’ll give thanks to me that I wrote an article that changed your life.

Remember, I didn’t get anything from begging. I earned it. My friend, I paid the price for every luxury.

Don’t envy my attitude. I deserve it because I work for it every day. When you’re sleeping, I’m working.

That makes all the difference between you and me.




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