It’s All About Feelings

Just feel the flow of breeze on your body while listening the music of your heart. Let the moment decide what to do the next. Let the Cosmos send the next message what to create.

You try to do something and that try gives unnecessary suffering both to you and to those whom you love the most.

Just let it flow for sometime. Witness the moment. Do not try to find it with logic and reason. Feel the flow of life passing with each moment like the fresh water running freely in a stream.

Everything not need to be defined. Everything not need to be  understood by the brain.

Feelings are just to feel, they have no other purpose. They make you realize why you’re here. Why did you come to this world? Why you were born. Don’t doubt your existence, it’s a truth. It is. No one can deny it. Just keep on understanding yourself.

You have given sufficient time to know others, their life, their likes and dislikes. Now it’s the time to give sometime to yourself. To know yourself. To understand yourself who you truly are. 

Are you just a structure of flesh and bones or something beyond it? Something indescribable. Know yourself and everything will get arranged to its place by itself. You know the truth still, you doubt it and your doubt gives rise to the suffering, daily torture and struggle of life.

What you’re trying to achieve. What will be the worth of it, if you lost your true self after racing behind a mirage that has no real existence. Just live your life before you die.

Death is certain but dying daily with fear and suffering is worst than the death itself. Live with peace and satisfaction so that you can die with peace and satisfaction.

Feel what resonates with you. Live that gives you peace. Do what you enjoy. Create what you love to create and enjoy what you create effortlessly. It’s all about feelings, feel it, you will love it. And once you got what this Love is, just live it. You will enjoy it.


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