Financial Education

Learn To Love Your Bills

“Life is too short to have debts and doubts,

Pay the bills, no regrets, be up and about.”

― Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Don’t escape reality if you believe in enjoying luxurious products and services. You’ve to pay the bills. Learn to love that thought.

If someone is providing you with quality goods and services, you must have the courage to offer them equivalent monetary benefits.

Don’t bargain everywhere for pennies. Be grateful that you have an abundance of wealth with that you can pay your bills; still, it is sufficient to spend.

Please don’t think about cutting your bills or cheating. Instead, enthusiastically pay your bills and be thankful for the product and service you enjoyed.

Always have a cheerful mindset when it comes to paying the bills. It shows that you deserve luxury and your potential to afford that product or service.

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