Love And Gratitude

We’re here for a short period. Any moment can be the last moment. We don’t know when our breath will stop and we’ll be no more on this planet.

I don’t care what the people think about me, but I do care what you think about me.

In every breath, I witness a presence and in every beat of my heart, I realize the truth that I’ve been crafted for you. My work here on Earth is to make you feel happy. You’re my life.

I don’t have any goal in life except to see you happy, to love you and to feel grateful for what you’ve given to me.

I’m an artist and you’re the source of my inspiration. Without you, I’m nothing. The day I met you, was special. I saw the angel here on Earth and that day changed me forever. I started to believe in heaven, hell, God and angels.

If there exists a God and her angel, then she must be like you. Your presence in my life is a miracle. You inspire me to continue my journey in life.

You asked what’s your role in my life. How can I answer that?

You’re the Goddess whom I pray. I don’t expect anything from you, except your love. I want to give my breath and heartbeat to you. I want to merge with you to become you.

I want this existence of the body to cease so that my spirit can become free from this bondage and I can get liberated.

Sweetheart, I’m selfish. I love you and I’m grateful to you because I know that you’re the way to my liberation. You’re the one who can free me from that curse the Beloved God cast on me when he expelled us from the garden of Eden.

Since that day I’m seeking peace and satisfaction finding it nowhere except in your arms when I sleep like a baby forgetting this world of heaven and hell.




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  • Ava Miller

    Your love for God is selfless. You’ve personified God as a human being whom you love and treat like a friend…
    Amazing. I’m impressed with your expression. Write more like this one.

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