My Lipstick Is Sexier Than Yours

There is an instinct within us to show off. We want to look better in the eyes of others. We crave respect and recognition from them. It’s our deep desire that they make us feel good every time.

But who are we in our eyes?

What do we think about ourselves?

Do we’ve self-love and self-respect?

The person who has low self-esteem seeks approval from others. The person who feels worthless in her eyes expects everything outside of herself.

But, my dear friend, no one can elevate our self-esteem and make us happy.

No matter how much we show off to others, we can’t feel satisfied if we don’t have the inner qualities.

The more we pretend to be what we are not, the more we deteriorate. We lose our naturality, and we become a hypocrite not distant in the future.

Please, don’t let yourself become a hypocrite. You’re good as you’re. Don’t pretend anything. Be natural, and trust me, people will love you.



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