Nobody Wants To Read The Garbage of Your Mind

(Only For the Lovers of Writing)

What To Write That People Can’t Afford ‘NOT’ To Read

If you’re a professional writer…

You think 

“You Know Everything.”


If you’re an amateur writer…

You think

“You Don’t Know Anything.”

For both of you…

“It’s A Waste Of Time To Read Further.”

For the rest…


“Like You and Me.”

Let’s begin…


Whether you’re a newborn baby blogger or a part-time wannabe writer, the first thing you need to know before you start the first line of your post or book…

“Nobody Wants To Read the Garbage of Your Mind”.

People are busy.

They don’t have the time to read…

“Your Feelings And Emotions.”

They don’t wish to listen…

“What And How Much You Know.”


They don’t care about…

“Your over-enthusiasm to share your brain.”


Understand.They Are Busy.

They don’t have…


The time for their children…

To teach ‘A for Apple’ at Night.


For their wife to say…

‘I Love You’ in the Morning.

Why the Hell on Earth they’ll Waste their Precious Time in Reading your Writings?

You can understand the problems of a ‘frustrated mind’ and ‘daily responsibilities’ of working men and women. 


If you don’t understand the ‘complexities of the human mind’…


Invest enough time to understand…

What is Mind and How it Works? 

For that.

You don’t need to attend a psychology class.

Read Your Own Mind and You’ll Be Able to Understand Others’ Mind.


Coming to the Content Part.

For That.

Let’s take an example of a girl in her early 20s fond of ‘sharing beauty tips’ to her classmates.

Her advice is as charming as her face. And she looks even sexier when she ‘shares her beauty secrets’ to her friends.

Of course.

Few got ‘fairly jealous’ of her ‘natural beauty’ but still, they fall in love with her ‘uniqueness’ to simplify the ‘expansive art of parlour tricks’ to simple ‘homemade natural tips’ at free of cost.

Now, she was inspired to share her unique style with those who love the art of ‘simplicity’ and ‘natural beauty’.

But three problem arises when she started to share her thoughts.

  1. The people who are going to read are completely unfamiliar to her natural style. They are strangers.
  1. They don’t know who she is and whether her ‘tips and tricks’ of ‘natural beauty’ has a ‘trademark’ of some ‘prestigious beauty parlour’ or not.
  1. They are much addicted to the ‘beauty of parlour’ that they don’t want to try anything else, let alone, doing on their own, no matter if it’s killing the age of their faces. They are just interested in looking more beautiful than the girl next door. And for that, they search for a ‘quick fix’ that the parlour industry knows better than anyone else.

So, what this girl is going to do?

”You and this Girl have the same Problems and same Solutions.”

If you understand the ‘problems’ of this young girl’s little blog “Blog di Bellezza Naturale”. 

You Will Get The Solution On Your Own.

(Don’t Search For This Blog On Google. It’s In Your Mind Not On The Web)

A Reader Has Just The Piece Of Your Writing 
They are as Busy as You’re.


No One Wants To Read The Garbage Of Your Mind.


No One Have The Time To Read Your Feelings And Emotions. 


No One Wants To Listen What You Know And What You Don’t Know.


People Don’t Care How Many Medals You Have Got In The Art Of Natural Beauty.


(That’s Too Much… 


A Sorcerer’s Secret You Must Understand Before Getting To A Conclusion.

You think People are Waiting to Read your Writings as your English Teacher was Waiting to Read your ‘Essay on Cow’. 

Boys (including girls).

You’re Innocent.

The Reality Is…

“Majority of People Hate Reading.”

It Challenges The Status Quo Of Their Mind.

They have to use their brain to read and comprehend.

It Inspires Them To Think Different.
And why they will care to think different if they can spend the rest of their life thinking the same way.

It’s Too Complex.


The Human Mind.

So What’s The Cure Of The Curse?

A ‘reader’ is always right, the same way a customer is always right and by default ‘smarter and better’ than ‘you’. 

Take their ‘Compliment and Advice’ as to the ‘Words of the Almighty’ no matter even if they can’t write a letter to the principal for one-day holiday leave.


If you’re not interested in wandering ‘here and there’ killing your ‘time and eyes’ for the best solution.

Here is a simple solution.

“Since nobody wants to read what you write, make whatever you write so sexily (yeah you heard right, it’s a secret), so interesting and so compelling that a person couldn’t afford NOT to read.”

It’s All That You Need To Learn. 

And for that.

You Read Everything Else.

But Believe…


You would not have given it… 


F*ck of a single glance.

If the rest of bullshit were not there.

This Is Hard To Accept.


Simple And Profound Truth. 

You know Your Mind Better Than Anyone Else. 


Writing is not a job that you have to do

Its an art after that you have to run

It’s a struggle for those who want to earn

But It’s a free gift to those who want to learn

If you love to write as much as you love the person who loves you the most.

The ‘Word’ Reveals…

How It Creates The ‘World’.

Wish You All The Best.


If you have not started your “Blog di Bellezza Naturale”. 

Start Now.


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