Unconditional Love

Affirmations: A Tribute To The Universal Love

Entering the dimension of Love…

Humans want to change everything. I don’t want to change anything. The world is beautiful. I accept the world and myself.

Whoever and whatever you’re…

You’re beautiful. Neither I want to add anything nor do I want to subtract anything from you. This moment is beautiful as it is because you’re with me.

I don’t have any right over you. You’re free as I am. You’re happy that is sufficient for me. I don’t need your memories for the rest of my life. I can’t make a promise to you, at least not of seven lives and deaths because after this life I’m not going to come back.

I met you. I’m thankful for that. I can write a lot on you but that’s my ego. I learned love from you. It’s a divine experience for me.

Thanks for coming in my life.

I’m a lover….

A lover of the Self, the Universe, and the Unconditional Love.

The merging of these three is the Singularity of Perfection that I’m chasing.

Entering the dimension of Love...

I’ve transcended the space and time.


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