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Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

An ‘amateur click’ is  ‘something’ that she witnesses in the present moment with her perspective.


A ‘professional click’ is ‘something’ that is clicked in the present moment from the viewer’s perspective.

A professional photographer is ‘someone’ who has learned the technicalities of the process of graphing the photos.

She knows his art or craft and has ‘sufficient experience’ but he may or may not necessarily enjoys the process.

A novice is ‘someone’ who doesn’t know the technicalities of graphing the photos but she enjoys the process.

A novice enjoys every moment while learning the art and every form of the craft without caring much about mistakes and corrections. 

She simply ‘enjoy it’.

So, if you’re interested in having  ‘random clicks’ to capture the moments as it is in its ‘original form’ without any twist or turn, without any editing or modification to re-present the Reality as it is, as you witnessed at that moment, then for you, this article ‘maybe’ useful.

Each and Every photograph is ‘unique’ in its own sense as it is the projection of the photographer’s mind  ( the person who freezes the frame )
and his experiences till the very moment when she clicked that picture. It’s an ‘individual’ perspective and that’s the ‘uniqueness’ of the picture…

The same picture for a viewer is to her mind is a ‘total view’ with her own ‘experience and journey’ till that moment.
and that’s the ‘uniqueness’ of the picture, too …

When we add the word professional in front of the photograph it loses its uniqueness and become the subject of judgment on certain theories, rules, and quality parameters.

For a viewer, it’s unique because it can be explained in more than a thousand words to release the emotions of her experiences during her journey and can vary from viewer to viewer.

For a photographer, it’s unique because she has  ‘experience’ and doesn’t matter whether she is experienced, or not, is releasing something that is inside her and that will always be the same for her.

She will always be the witness of that ‘beautiful moments’ that are now part of her life.

Now for her, they are not just random clicks, they are a story that can be narrated through pictures without using a single word.

For her, they’re not just pics, they’re ‘expression of the realization’ that can’t be ‘expressed in words’.




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