Random Selections For You

The Secret

Do you know

You are the only person 

Who knows everything about me

The Understanding 

You understand me

Better than I understand myself

The Answer

Do you know Why I love you

Because you are too simple 

Because you are too good 

Because you are too cute


 Because you are

The answer to all my questions

The Dedication 

It’s all beautiful

It’s all creative

It’s all tranquil

It’s all fine

Hence Dedicated To You

The Wish

For You

May this be one of the best days of your life

May with the grace of Gods

All your dreams come True

The Vain Wish

For Me

May this be my last message to you

May I don’t have the desire

To write to you again

The Gratitude 

The loving twitter of cuckoo at the outside tree

The fragrance of jasmine scent in my room

The beautiful Bella plant behind the window

The spirituelle touch of  the gentle breeze

And the sweetness of honey in my lemon-drink

If I’m not grabby

What else I’ll ask from the divine

The Arrival of Angel

Are you an angel?

Who came from heaven

And appeared right before me

I’m stunned seeing your beauty

The divine essence and the magnificence

 I’m indebted to the cosmos

For gifting me your friendship

The Expectation

Do you know 

‘Desire’ is the root cause of suffering. 

I’m not saying it

Buddha (the awakened one) said it

I just realized that.

Expectation from others will finally hurt you

This is not my saying

Once my Master said it

And I stopped expecting Anything from others.

Do you know What these two together Gave me

“A Constant State of Peace”

The Response of Rudeness

Do you know

Why I didn’t get angered or worried

Instead of your rudeness

Because I desire  nothing from you

Because I expect nothing from you

The Conflict

I don’t know

I may be wrong

But recently I felt the Conflict in your head

The Friendship

Friendship is all about understanding

Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time

If you don’t like a person 

Don’t let him/her play with your mind

Not even for a single day

 The Welcoming Message


It doesn’t matter how I feel in writing


It matters how much joy, happiness, and satisfaction

 You feel at this moment reading it.

If it can bring even a slightest of more happiness in you, It’s worth it. 

Otherwise with the creation of this work I’ve hurted you

I’ve hurted myself

And I’ve hurted the Gods who gave me

The unique ability

To read and write

The Flirt

The silk stocking eyes

And the stunning charm on your face

Do you know

 Even the moon is envy of you

Well, let me think 🤔…

Can’t I break small rules for you?

Cute smile 😊

If you didn’t have till now

Please have a sweet one

It looks great on your face.


Keep Smiling

I wrote this blog post just for that

Wish You a Happy and Prosperous Life!

Be Still. Be Present. Be Alive.


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