Say Thank You

I know there are a lot of problems in your life…

But dear, believe me, there is beauty in every adverse situation of life. The Universe is not random. It’s not a chaos. It’s perfect and hence it created a perfect being.

I.e. you.

I know you are not satisfied with your relationships…

But dear, believe me, you’re in the perfect relationship with everyone around you. These are the people whom you need for a life lesson. They are here to teach you. Once you’ll learn the lesson, somebody else will appear.

I know you want holistic health and absolute peace of mind…

Dear, it’s here, right now at this moment. You’ve everything inside you. All you need is a little attention to your body and mind. Listen to the call of the body and stop listening to the chattering of the mind. You’ll get both, holistic health and absolute peace of mind.

I know you’re obsessed with the thought of money…

No dear, you don’t need to be a millionaire to live the life of a millionaire. By birth you’re rich. The problem is your poor mindset. Change that and you’ll witness the abundance everywhere around you. Practice contentment and do the work without the thought of the outcome. Wealth will come to you walking on its own feet.

Life is beautiful. Live it with love and perfection. You’re an angel of God who has been sent to Earth for a brief duration of time. You’re a messenger of God. You’ve to deliver a message to everyone around you.

Now you know how special you are. That’s why I love you.

You have a unique signature that Beloved God approved by her own hands.

Believe me. She has better plans for you. You can’t know her divine drama. Be grateful for what you have and surrender yourself. The intelligence that created you is more advanced than the mind you’re using to comprehend this message.

Now say thank you, love her unconditionally and enjoy life.



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