Stay Away From Me

One Day In The Burning Light Of Sun…

‘I’ Was Burning

She Cried…

Don’t. Stop. ‘I am’ Burning

I Said…

With The Grace Of God

You’re Fired

Be Grateful.

Baby. Do You Know…

I Never Loved You

If I Had Truly Loved You

You Would Have Never Gone.

Dear. Do You Know…

I Never Missed You

If I Had Missed You Truly

You Could Have Become Mad.

Cutie. Do You Know…

I Never Thought About Kissing You

If I Had My Lips Over Yours’

Even As A Thought

You Would’ve Wept All Night Long

Just Out Of Ecstacy.

My Heart Is Beating…

I don’t know why?


It Had Listened Your Call.

You Want To Test My Spirit…

It’s Fire

You’ll Burn Yourself 

Just Like I Burned Myself.

You Want To Come Close To Me…

Sweet Heart. I Love You

That’s Why I’m Requesting 

Stay Away From Me.


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