Summing up the Claptrap of Self-Help Show

Wake up early in the morning

Have some warm up and exercise

Read a book 📖 Write a journal 📔 

Take a bath 🛀 

Meditate on your Self

Feel grateful for what you have 

Love 💕 yourself.

What’s in it that you don’t know?

Now let’s attend a motivational session.

In the 24 hour routine:

Choose to be the ‘Best’ by performing the ‘Best’

In the first two hours after wake up:

1.. Wish a happy 😃 day to the person that came first to your mind. (No matter if  s(he) is your Ex……)

2..Think some realistic-positive thoughts like… (No matter whatever be the situation I will handle it.)

3..Warm up by having not more than 3 push ups, 3 sit ups, and 3 jumping jacks.

4..Meditate on the water 💧 while taking the shower 🚿 (Are you mad?)

5..Be ‘Aware’ what you’re doing. (Awareness is the 🔑 rest all is Bullshit)

6..Feel grateful for what you have and ‘think’ what you can do to get that you don’t have.

7..’ Visualize’ your day in advance and know it’s not going to be as you thought.

8..Have some affirmations and ‘know’ what you’re affirming. (Don’t keep on chanting I’m Healthy, I’m Healthy, I’m Healthy… without taking care of proper diet, exercise and rest.)

9..Read what you love to read (except a newspaper 📰 , it’s old fashioned, try something new. What about……?

In the last 2 hours before bed:

9..Watch what you love to watch (except……? News, Everybody watch that, it’s old fashioned, try something new)

8..Remember you can’t survive without Money 💰 and Love 💗 . Both are pre-requisite to living in a civilized society)

7.. Write a Journal 📓 . (It’s your choice, by the way, a matter of fact, you can call it a journal entry  that you’re reading now)

6..’Think’ what can be ‘improved’ not only what you have ‘accomplished’.

5.. Feel your inner body. Get in touch with your Inner Self. (No, it’s not meditation.)

4..Feel grateful for what you have. Don’t worry Next day you will ‘accomplish’ what you don’t have today. (Given if you were given one more day)

3..Take a deep breath.

2..Now just sleep like a baby.

1..Wish a happy 😃 night to the person that came first to your mind. (No matter if s(he) is your ex……)

A Note 📝:

Don’t ‘follow’ the sequence.

Always ‘think’ when in doubt. Immediately stop ‘thinking’ once you start ‘over-thinking’.                   

And don’t give a second thought to NOT doubt that it will also NOT work.

There is no guarantee of a lifetime but there is a warranty that it will upload a new updated latest version of Me 3.0

Don’t worry all motivational sessions work on the same basic principle for the simple matter of fact, all minds work on the same basic principle. So, don’t doubt your doubt to doubt your doubt.

You’re still here and ‘still’ !

Time for the Inspirational session:

”Before awakening the giant within you know that 90 percent of your thoughts 💭 are made up of fear and 10 percent of desires. 90 percent of your efforts are going to be wasted and the 10 percent that you do with ‘effort-free action’ is going to give you all the success that you craved.”

Curious to know who said it, Ask Google and be sure she can’t tell you. She is just a Baby A.I.  She has to learn a lot to beat its creators.

(In it, was there anything that you didn’t knew already.)

Session over

Waiting for a quote:

“Since, time is getting out of time don’t waste your precious time to attend sessions of time. ‘Action’ is what matters the Most otherwise every Romeo and Juliet have Knowledge and Wisdom to make the bread out of toast”

(You gave your precious time to attend the live session. Thank you 🙏 so much.)




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