The Art Of Giving A KISS : Keep It Simple And Stupid

Sapiens are a complex creature. Their brains are wired differently. Their thinking patterns are different and they act in a way as if they know everything about themselves and the whole Universe.

What a level of super confidence?

Instead of feeling the resistance of fear, self-doubt and procrastination, sometimes some of them act in ways that are completely different from their neighbors.

Is it because of their own choice or chance in their favor?

Is it their ability to recognize-patterns, common-sense or natural-ability?

Whatever be your answer for these philosophical questions, one thing is certain that these are big ‘risk-takers in controlled environments’ and ‘consistently analyze the results of their little or big experiments’. You can call them practical scientists of life and existence.

You can say that success is the result of chance, hard work or following one’s own passion. But it’s not as simple as it appears. 

It also seems that it requires something more. If you try to make a recipe of success, it appears to include the ingredients of burning desire, luck, hard work, determination, tremendous personal energy, a smart brain to organize the ideas, a great appetite for risk and a lot of experience including bad experiences. And to add an unscientific one, the invisible X-factor.

Maybe it’s too complex to understand ‘success’ for a layman that he or she always left far behind in the race. And you think they are just ‘useless’ because they are lazy and do not work hard enough to be successful in life.

If you analyze your own success and answer it by your heart, was your own success a result of just hard work?

You can say it was smart work.

But why only some are smart, not all?

In truth, there are no right or wrong recipe of success and failure. It’s all just philosophical investigations done by ‘successful experts’ who got succeeded in their life due to various random combinations of the above mentioned ‘traits’ and later they concluded it to one or a few of them. But in reality, it’s much more than merely a few random combinations.

What you can do your best is to ‘recognize the patterns’ of successful and unsuccessful people in conventional terms and selecting the best traits to develop ‘systems’ that may ‘work’.

And once you get succeeded in life due to following the natural rhythm, imagination and emotional resilience, be ‘humble’ to inspire those who are not as smart as you are. They are just not as lucky as you’re. Don’t make fun of them. They also deserve to live a life of peace and satisfaction even if they’re a whole life failure. They deserve to be happy even if they are not as successful as you’re.

And for those who are struggling in the game of success and failure. No one can give you a sure recipe of success because failure itself is a part of success. Only ‘hints’ can be given to minimize the failure making the luck of odds in favor of your success.

The twenty-first century belongs to the World-Wide-Web. So, your chances to be successful are more in serving the Global-Interconnected-Village in any way by acquiring the wisdom through recognizing the trend, trial and error, and most important ‘active observation’.

‘Understand’ what is wheat and what is chaff.

Learn early the art to remove wheat from the chaff with great precision. Make yourself flexible, cool and calm.

Learn the ‘Way’. Rest comes all along the Way. If you’ll enjoy the journey believe you’ll love the destination.

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