The Art Of Trading

Trading is one of the sexiest professions of the 21st century. I call it sexy because it’s lucrative. It has all the sexy features of a lady on the floor.

It gives you pleasure. You can fall in love with beautiful models called candlestick charts, hundreds of indicators, and oscillators. There are moving averages to play with. You can feel the hotness of the demand zone and supply zone. You can touch the support and resistance level. You can flirt with trends and kiss the trend lines.

What you can’t get is the pleasure of real sex. That’s profit, unless and until you master yourself in the art of trading.

That’s like falling in love with a pretty girl who is full of lust but hard to manage. You’ve to take care of her needs. She can become angry and leave you.

There is fear and greed involved with this amazing lady. So, if you don’t know the art of lovemaking (i.e. trading). First, learn it, then enter. Otherwise, you’ll be left on the floor all alone. She doesn’t care who you are- The Girlfriend called Financial Markets.

She is ready but are you prepared for her?



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