The Attitude Of Gratitude

Life is short. Any moment can be the last moment of our lives. We don’t know when the angel of death will come and kiss our lips. There is no choice. We can’t escape death. We’ve to die one day. But we don’t know when that day will come and how we’ll respond to kiss of the angel of death.

We’re creatures of time. We’re mortal. We’re nothing compared to the vastness of the Universe. Still, we pretend that we’re powerful. We show-off. We hurt others physically and mentally. Never we think about others. We behave like selfish beings.

I don’t know about you and your thinking patterns but I can witness the attitude of ego and pride in me. With that egoistic attitude I write silly articles like this one.

But why?

Because I want to know what’s happening within me. I want to test my excellence and want to accelerate my ego that I know something.

The truth is that I don’t know anything. Neither I’ve talent nor skill of any kind. I’ve zero knowledge of professionalism. I’m not a millionaire. Still, I live a life of the beloved Son of God, with all the luxury and beauty available on this planet.

Do you want to know the secret of my lifestyle?

I’ve the attitude of gratitude and with that my each and every moment of life is a masterpiece of art. I do what I love to do. I work when I want to work. I am answerable to no-one except myself. I don’t have a boss to yell at me. I’ve no competition with anyone. I’m the master of my soul.

I keep on learning. Every day I’m better than the previous day, both physically and mentally. I feel grateful for every breath that I take, every gift that I receive and every contribution that I’m capable of making.

I’m like you. What makes me different is my attitude of gratitude. That’s the secret of my happiness and success.




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