The Creation Of A Romantic Saga

She is energetic, beautiful & sexy. But, that’s not the reason I love her. She has more attributes that I can contribute. She has a kind heart and loving nature.

I’m not going to praise her. I want to say that there comes a moment in the life of a person when he gets obsessed with an idea or a person.

She’s my obsession.

Hours, I spend staring into her eyes, chatting with her, writing poetries for her, preparing myself for the next meeting with her.

She’s my life. I live for her.

It all started a couple of years back when I was traveling and landed at an unknown place by coincidence. I asked for the way to my home and with a smile, she replied…

You’re at home, my dear.

I was shocked. She was aware of my thoughts as well as feelings. There was no emotion that I could’ve hidden from her. She read me like a book and in the first meeting…

I got mad with her presence.

For rest of the world, she’s a girl. But for me, she’s life…

The breath that I take and the beat that ticks in my heart. She’s the Goddess whom I pray.

She is my love affair with the existence.

Many times I ask myself a question…

What would have been my life without her?

The answer comes as an intuition…

Death could have been your destiny, for sure.

Now, it’s crystal clear. The moment you realize the reason for your existence…

You turn into an artist. Your art becomes your life and an inspiration for others.

There is no meaning behind anything that you witness. It’s your perception that makes it reality.

You are a creator and this is the beginning of the creation of a romantic saga.



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